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Friday, September 16, 2005


Board of Health shorts for Sept. 6

The Carlisle Board of Health approved three septic system replacements at their meeting on September 6. All three applications required waivers from local regulations but met the state standard under Title 5.

338 Heald Road. Waivers of the required distances for a septic system replacement were granted. The board approved a distance from the pump chamber to wetlands of 78 feet rather than the 100 feet required. The distance from the pump chamber to the well was approved at 92 feet instead of the required 100 feet.

23 Bedford Road. A waiver was granted for replacement of a cracked tank with a fiberglass tank. According to the presenting engineer, Russ Wilson, a cement tank cannot be brought onto the site because of the narrow passage and lack of access on either side of the house. The new tank will be placed in the same spot as the existing tank. Also, the board confirmed the distance from the septic system to the Gleason Public Library well is adequate to ensure compliance with community water supply regulations.

145 South Street. Waivers were granted to allow shorter distances between the leach field and the well and between the leach field and wetlands. The board approved a distance of 50 feet rather than 100 feet for both. Additionally, the board revised the room count to only require a four bedroom septic which may allow design of a smaller system.

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