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Friday, September 16, 2005


Shorts from the September 8 ConsCom meeting

Boardwalks and a bridge. The Trails Committee submitted an Amended Notice of Intent for two proposed trail improvement projects. Committee member Louise Hara sought approval for installation of two additional boardwalks on the trail that connects Foss Farm and the Greenough Land. Materials have been provided by a grant from the Heald Foundation and construction will cover two "mushy spots" on the existing path. Hara conceded that access presents a problem and will require hand-carrying of the supplies. The amendment was accepted.

Trails Committee member Bert Willard presented a plan and photos of a wooden, arched bridge that will span an upper reach of the Spencer Brook on the Poole Swamp path near its junction with the Rockstrom Trail. The structure will be anchored by drilling holes in a large boulder that was once part of an ancient stone wall. The commission saw no need for further documentation and issued a Negative Determination.

Cross Street paving. Department of Public Works Superintendent Gary Davis filed an RDA for paving of Curve Street from Westford Road to Fiske Street, with work scheduled to be completed this fall. Specifications called for a catch basin to alleviate sporadic silting in one spot, and Commissioner Tricia Smith asked Davis to increase the indicated depth from three to four feet to meet new state guidelines. The project was approved.

Heald Road. The commission approved a Notice of Intent to build a septic system upgrade filed by Edith McEvoy. An abutter was concerned about the distance from the system to his well, and engineer Robert Elliot of Littleton assured him that his site was at least 100 feet away and that a Board of Health variation applied only to the interior lot dimensions. Smith requested that a note on the official plan be edited to say that the contractor, as well as the owner, shall (not should) be aware of the necessity of complying with the provisions of the Wetland Protection Act. The hearing was closed and a standard order of conditions issued.

Nowell Farme Road. Robert and Heather Dekker received a Negative Determination on an RDA asking whether they needed further documentation for removal of several trees in close proximity to a Bordering Vegetative Wetland (BVW). The applicants proposed to use a crane to take down a number of white pine trees that pose a danger to the house. The Commission specified that most of the stumps be ground down, but that the ones closest to the wetland be left intact. All wood chips were to be removed.

Cross Street conservation cluster. There was a preliminary presentation of plans for developer William Costello's 15-lot development. Stamski and McNary engineer George Dimakarakos displayed a plot plan that included two driveways and 15 acres of open space, explaining that they were not ready for a detailed evaluation of the plans until the commission's next meeting on September 22 at 8:15 p.m. Smith asked for a copy of the drainage plans, and a veritable tome was handed to her. The commissioners will rendezvous for site walks at 8:30 a.m. and 4 p.m. on September 20.

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