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Friday, September 16, 2005


Shorts from the September 13 meeting

Town Common Design. Selectmen reviewed a proposal from Nicholas Reed, a landscape architect at NSRLA, for a master plan for the Town Common. Reed will review the design goals of the Town Common Committee, chaired by Reverend Tim Jensen, and then provide a proposed topography, "hardscape," planting, electrical, fencing and architecture, as appropriate. The master plan, which is for planning purposes only and not a document for construction, will seek to enhance historic sensitivity and visual quality of the common. The cost of $1,000 for the design services will be borne by the Carlisle Garden Club.

Hanscom Field Report. Steve Lerner attended the September 13 Board of Selectmen meeting to report on the latest developments at Hanscom Field. As most know, Hanscom survived the latest BRAC round and is destined to become bigger and busier than ever. Lerner reported that a new civil airport terminal is being proposed through a Massport contract with private developer Crosspoint. The project would add 31,000 square feet of passenger services and office space. This would roughly double the airport's existing passenger services area and increase the total ramp and hanger space by a third. This expansion was arranged between Massport and Crosspoint during a "quiet period" that allowed BRAC to look favorably upon the air force base and the region. "Such a sneak attack on the communities has further eroded the little respect left for Massport," said Lerner.

Lerner went on to reveal that jet operations at Hanscom have tripled since 1994, reaching an all time high of 33,000 in 2004. At the aforementioned rate of increase (13.5% per year), there could be an average of one jet every three minutes taking off or landing at Hanscom within ten years.

The Selectmen agreed to draft a letter to Massport and Governor Romney in support of existing efforts by the surrounding towns of Bedford, Lincoln, Concord and Lexington to examine thoroughly the environmental and historic repercussions that increased use and expansion of Hanscom would bring.

Appointments. The Board of Selectmen appointed Charlene Hinton, Deborah Boule, Seba Gaines and Therese Hoffman to the Board of Registrars for the Fiscal Year ending June 30, 2006. Hinton, as Town Clerk, is Head Registrar.

Also appointed were Caren Ponty, Larry Sorli, John Lee, Steve Pearlman, and Kent Gonzales to the Community Preservation Committee. Yet to be named is a representative from the Recreation Commission.

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