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Friday, September 16, 2005


Selectmen set goals for 2006 and beyond

Like every organization — corporate, non-profit, or municipal — the Carlisle Board of Selectmen sits down once a year to draw up a list of goals and objectives. Recently it has been a tradition to discuss goals at an informal meeting in late August, held at a member's home over barbecue and drinks. Most years, the list gathers dust until the next barbecue. This year, according to Town Administrator Madonna McKenzie, the barbecue at the home of Selectman Chair Doug Stevenson was the setting, but the list will be a working document.

McKenzie points out that the short-term goals, for fiscal year 2006, which started on July 1, have been sorted into three tiers, according to the level of need and urgency. (See below.) Seven High Priority Goals are to be accomplished in FY06. Each goal includes a list of tasks and assignments. These will be reviewed for progress during the year.

Priority Goals and Other Goals include broader, less urgent items. The Selectmen expect that some progress should be made toward these goals in the coming year.

The Selectmen's long term goals will be printed at a later date. According to McKenzie, they "are really a vision for the community."

Short-term, High Priority Goals

1. Five-year financial plan:

• Continue strong communication through FinTeam.

• Work closely with Long-Term Capital Requirements Committee.

• Update current five-year plan to reflect new parameters and needs.

• Work with leadership in Concord regarding CCHS capital project.

• Work with Carlisle School Committee regarding school capital project.

• Begin to develop financial plan for affordable housing implementation.

2. Cell towers:

• Work with the Cell Tower Subcommittee to develop bylaw changes for Spring Town Meeting.

• Work and communicate with Carlisle School Committee regarding new school site location.

• Draft and issue RFP for cell tower on town property near town center before June 2006.

3. Affordable housing:

• Follow through to ensure state approval of the Carlisle Affordable Housing Plan.

• Create implementation plan from Affordable Housing Plan.

• Complete and record subdivision of Benfield Parcel A.

• Continue affordable housing implementation on Benfield Parcel A.

• Issue RFP for accessory apartment bylaw review.

4. Hire new police chief: Hire new chief by December 1, 2005.

5. Employee appreciation and feedback:

• Continue breakfast meetings with departments - DPW, PD, FD, Library.

• All members to make effort to communicate and visit with town employees.

• Monitor Wage and Classification Plan to ensure equitable wages for town employees.

6. Develop and implement Recreation Facility Plan:

• Work with RecCom to develop priority list — Foss Farm, Banta-Davis, Bisbee, Benfield Lands.

• Facilitate communication with all user groups at Foss Farm.

• Work toward Warrant Article for 2006 Spring Town Meeting.

7. Leverage effectiveness of all town boards and committees through leadership and communication:

• Hold All-Boards meeting, September 20, 2005.

• Fulfill responsibilities of BOS liaison positions.

• Communicate with and be available for comments from other boards.

Priority Goals

8. Land Use Team: Continue implementation of the Land Use Team, similar to the Financial Team, comprised of one board member and department head from Planning, Conservation, Health, and Assessors, one member from the Historical Commission, and Bike and Pedestrian Safety Committee, the Building Commissioner, DPW Superintendent/Tree Warden, Town Administrator, and two members of the Board of Selectmen to meet on a monthly basis and review the current topics and issues.

9. Technology plan: Working with the Town Administrator to audit the current technology town-wide. Develop an all-inclusive technology plan for improvement/management of existing program.

10. Space use/staffing plan: Fund a study to analyze the optimal use of Town Hall support resources and space. Identify additional staffing needs and potential off-site locations.

11. Tax relief: Continue to follow the legislation being proposed by other communities to provide local tax relief to seniors and research other methods of providing relief.

12. Web site: Working with the Town Administrator and all departments, on and off site, develop a town web site.

13. Pathways: Working with the Bike and Pedestrian Safety Committee identify an implementation and maintenance plan that will provide safe, ADA compliant, low maintenance pathways in Carlisle.

Other Goals

14. Town Building Committee: Establish a Town Building Committee that will oversee all building proposals, construction, refurbishment, and ongoing maintenance of town buildings.

15. Access and refinement of policies and procedures: Working with the Town Administrator and all departments to create a central location for access to all policies, procedures, rules and regulations. Working with the Town Administrator and all departments and boards to develop a one-stop location for residents to get information on the steps required to obtain various permits.

16. Wireless town common: Work with the Historical Commission and the Town Common Committee to investigate the possibility of removing the wires in the center.

17. Volunteers: Develop methods to encourage more volunteer participation within the community.

18. Access to permitting procedures: Working with the Town Administrator and all departments to create a central location for access to all policies, procedures, rules and regulations.

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