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Friday, September 16, 2005


Shorts from the Carlisle School Committee meeting September 7

School begins Opening day at Carlisle School started without any major concerns, Carlisle School Superintendent Marie Doyle reported. "The staff had been here weeks before, setting up their classrooms," she said. All went well on the first day with the students. "There were no tears." "Not a one?" asked Carlisle School Committee member Christy Barbee. "Among the students," joked Carlisle School Business Manager Steven Moore. Doyle said there might have been some parents or teachers who were misty-eyed.

Drop in enrollment The oversized sixth grade dropped from an expected 110 students to 106, one shy of the 107 in fifth grade. The kindergarten enrollment, usually averaging around 80 students, is currently 57, one of the lowest in years. Doyle will contact other Massachusetts superintendents to ask whether they have seen a similar drop.

Energy cost impact Carlisle School Committee member Michael Fitzgerald asked if the rising cost of energy is having an impact on the school. "I will be tracking it," responded Moore. He will forecast the cost based on last year's usage and this year's costs. "If it is a problem, do we cut programs or petition the town for reserved funds?" asked Fitzgerald. Moore said they would petition the town, and he will have the projections at the next meeting.

Chinese Language Fourteen sixth graders and seventeen seventh graders have begun Chinese Language classes, announced Carlisle Principal Steve Goodwin. "We are grateful to the CEF [Carlisle Education Foundation]," said Doyle, "which has supported the new classes through a grant."

The part time teachers — Chiu Ling Campo and Chiao Bin Huang — offer four classes a week for the seventh graders and three classes for the sixth graders.

Wastewater treatment plant The construction of the Carlisle School wastewater treatment plant is on schedule, Moore reported. The trench work has been completed and one half of the discharge field is done. Two days of ledge blasting will be taking place. "Any problems with the sports schedule?" asked Fitzgerald. "No," responded Moore. The work at Spalding Field is completed, and there is no disturbance at Banta-Davis, "so at this point it's okay," answered Moore. A sample of the plant building bricks was displayed (bricks DK#12); the trim will be Sierra Tan.

Summer maintenance projects Highlights of facility upgrades done at the school over the summer include: painted classrooms, halls, and offices; new carpets in classrooms and in a teachers' room; roof and gym floor repairs; sprucing up the Anderegg Garden; resealing the plaza; new dining room furniture; NStar lighting retrofit to reduce power consumption; and fire alarm system inspection and test.

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