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Friday, September 16, 2005


School property is under consideration for new cell tower
The Carlisle school campus occupies an area that could fill a "hole" in the cell phone communications grid, reported Carlisle School Committee (CSC) member Wendell Sykes at the September 7 CSC meeting. Sykes, a member of the Carlisle Cell Tower Committee, explained a cell tower with a height of approximately 180 feet would emit microwaves above the school area, minimizing exposure. The waves would extend above and beyond the school, he said.

The committee has held its first meeting, said Cell Tower Committee member and Carlisle Selectmen Bill Tice, who was reached by phone. Tice, along with Sykes, and Carlisle Planning Board members Rich Boule and Kent Gonzales will be meeting again at the end of September to continue the dialogue on the placement of cell towers in Carlisle. "We may re-engage the consultants" that were used by the Planning Board in 2003 to make recommendations on the placement of cell towers in Carlisle, he said. The consultants had recommended the placement of four cell towers, including one on the school property.

In May, representatives of Sprint PCS toured Carlisle and located potential cell tower sites, including the school, Town Hall, fire station, police station, and the DPW site.

"All this marches against a bylaw passed a few years ago," commented CSC member Michael Fitzgerald. At Town Meeting in October, 1999, voters overwhelmingly passed a bylaw that required towers to be of the "stealth" design (constructed to blend in with the environment), and have a setback of 900 feet.

Carlisle already has one approved cell tower site on the Anderegg property at 871 Bedford Road, though to date no construction has begun. The 189-foot tower proposed there could support antennas for up to six wireless phone companies (see "Court approves cell tower on Anderegg property" April 23, 2004.)

The next Cell Tower Committee meeting is scheduled for September 28 at 7:30 p.m. in the Clark Room at Town Hall.

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