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Friday, September 16, 2005

Carlisle should be proud

To the Editor:

What can I say, except that I've never been so happy/tired/proud, in all my life!! You guys were so terrific to come and share the wonderful music, food, and sense of the South and all that she has been through.

I sincerely feel that we all came together to make a nearly impossible dream come true, and that somewhere...somewhere deep down inside of each and every one of us, there were never any doubts that with only three days notice, we could pull this off! But, we did!

Why did it happen? Because we all wanted it...needed it, both for the community of Carlisle and ourselves. I doubt that there's a one of us today, who attended this event, or even gave privately to the many funds that support this cause, who don't feel as if they've been spirited forward into a new year of faith, fun and challenges.

If you're feeling just a bit more energized today, despite the aching backs and sore feet, then you'd better believe that it's coming from way deep down inside of where you truly live and give.

Alison Saylor and I worked together tirelessly, with many, many eager helping hands from our church, FRS, and other members of this wonderful town of ours to make this happen. We did. All of us!

You ought to be proud of yourselves. Real proud.

I thank you all from the bottom of my pea-pick'n Southern heart.

Dian Francesca Cuccinello
East Street

Outgoing CYC volunteers thanked

To the Editor:

The summer has come to its usual abrupt end and the new school year is already upon us. I hope that all the middle school students are looking forward to this year's series of Friday Night Live. A lot of time and effort is spent by the members of the Carlisle Youth Commission (CYC) in orchestrating these events so that our middle school kids can enjoy a fun night out with their fellow students.

It is at this time that I would like to welcome our new incoming members of the CYC, Susan Evans and Beth Bourque. Returning for another year of service are present members Mike Sweeney, Lori Canavan and Nicole Bloomfield. Thank you for your continued service and dedication.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank our outgoing members Jan Burke, who spent one year on the commission as secretary and Karen Huntress, who spent three years on the commission, the last two as chair. I know I speak for all present CYC members who thank you for volunteering your time, energy and effort to make our school and community just a little bit better.

James A. Harris, Carlisle
Youth Commission Chairperson
School Street

Safety issues raised with proposed Carlisle Woods 40B

To the Editor:

It would seem that children listen to the concerns of their parents, especially about playing near the road, about as well as the Carlisle Zoning Board of Appeals (BOA) listened to our neighborhood when earlier this year they gave their approval for the Carlisle Woods 40B comprehensive permit.

Local residents have repeatedly expressed their concerns regarding safety, sight lines and speed at this intersection. Their concerns have been upheld by two different traffic engineering reports and almost as if to underscore our concerns, on Saturday evening, August 27, a child was struck by a passing car near the intersection of Maple Street / Treble Cove Road and Carlisle Street which is the entrance to this proposed development.

While the Carlisle BOA cannot be faulted for this accident, they are nevertheless responsible for endangering the lives of the future occupants of this development by having refused to address the issues of safety at this intersection.

On September 7, the Billerica Zoning Board of Appeals will announce their decision regarding their portion of the Carlisle Woods development. My hope is that they will listen better than did either the recovering child or the Carlisle BOA.

Don Fitzreiter
Treble Cove Road, Billerica

[Ed note: Billerica voted to deny the comprehensive permit. See story on page 1.]

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