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Friday, September 16, 2005


Paging through Carlisle's Annual Reports: 1950 - 1959

[ The town population was 876]

• Report of the Middlesex County Extension Service for the Town of Carlisle: Increased milk production per cow, better roughage and a reduction of disease loss were the aims of the Extension dairy projects.A winter barn meeting was held in February at Great Brook Farms.

The Extension Service worked with poultrymen on virtually every aspect of poultry farming during the year. Paul Swanson was honored during the year by being picked as one among 40 breeders of the United States to enter the 1951 Chicken-of-Tomorrow Contest. Several poultrymen were assisted with flock health problems

Among the home furnishings programs presented in Carlisle during the year were a lecture on "Color and Design" and a demonstration on "Slick Tricks in Home Care." Some Carlisle women participated in a clothing program on "Short Cuts & Speed Tricks in Garment Finishes."

Fifty-two boys and girls were enrolled in 4-H Club work. The various projects participated in were home-nursing, clothing, knitting, canning, dairying, photography, gardening. Nancy Wright was winner of a Champion Holstein Heifer at the Topsfield Fair. Carlisle had one of the outstanding local expositions.


• Report of the School Nurse: The School as a whole is very fortunate in having healthy, well-kept children. However, I do wish scalp care would be given a little more often in the homes.

During the school year we had the fortune of being able to attend Forsythe Dental Clinic in Boston, making it possible for each child to be treated for the small sum of ten cents per visit. This is only the beginning and I hope sincerely parents will come forth and offer to transport the children into this clinic, so that the good work may be continued.Some children were found with as many as ten cavities per child. Do we need this clinic?


• Report of the Superintendent of Schools: School enrollments have increased from 88 in 1941 to 139 in 1951, with a ten percent increase for each of the past three years... It will be necessary for the School Committee to procure the use of temporary quarters for one grade for the school year 1953-54.

We have 48 students enrolled at Concord High School this year, two at Lowell Trade School, and one at Chelmsford High School.


• Report of the Board of Selectmen: During the year the following jurors were drawn:

David R. Bott - Salesman
Robert W. McAllister - Chemist
Paul R. Coombs - Salesman
Edwin H. Storer - Insurance
Everett V. Heald - Machinist
James A. Barron - Plumber
Lawrence A. Bearce - Poultryman
Stanley Wright - Farmer
Erwin W. Renz, Jr.

Each passing year it has become necessary for the Board of Selectmen to give more and more of their time to the duties of the Town and we suggest that whenever possible your problems be brought up at our regular meetings on the first and fifteenth of each month. We realize that there are times when this cannot be done and want it understood that you are free to call us at any time


• Report of the Superintendent of Schools: The most urgent need at this time is school rooms. We have a school of eight grades. Available facilities comprise the Highland School of four rooms, the Brick School of one room without toilet facilities, and the rental of Union Hall, where the teacher has a double grade on school days. At other times the space is used for Sunday School, public meetings, and official Town Meetings, all of which adds up to a sub-standard school facility.

We are operating oversize double grades where we should provide an eight-room school with a teacher for each grade.Total enrollment in grades one - eight: 155.


• Report of the Board of Health: "The town dump has been fenced in, and is now open Wednesdays and Saturdays, with an attendant present. This was considered necessary because of debris blowing from the dump and scattering on private property. The dump also was rapidly filing up with combustible material, which now can be kept burned. A culvert has been installed, so that the dump capacity has been greatly increased.


Report of Board of Assessors:
Total Rate: $58 per $1,000 valuation.
Number of Livestock Assessed:
Horses - 21
Cows, heifers and bulls - 259
Swine - 410
Fowl - 17,820
Turkeys - 100
Number of dwellings assessed - 306
Report of the Trustees of Gleason Public Library:

Total number of books - 7620
Number of borrowers - 318

• Report of the School Committee: Due to the crowded conditions and the lack of available space, we are forced to use, in addition to Union Hall, one of the basement rooms in Highland School. Everything within reason was done to make this room as comfortable as possible

• Report of Director of Civilian Defense: As your newly appointed Civil Defense Director, I have reviewed the organization of Carlisle Civil DefenseAt present Civil Defense has 11
Civil Defense Logo
auxiliary firemen under the direction of the fire chief and 11 auxiliary policemen under the jurisdiction of the police chief.


• Report of Director of Civilian Defense: In the past year the Carlisle Civil Defense Agency has purchased two portable radio transmitters and receivers. We have assembled a complete two-channel transmitter and receiver base station utilizing surplus radio equipment. We have also bought a 3.3 kw generator from surplus for emergency use.
At present communication drills with sector headquarters are held every week

• Report of the School Committee: The most important event in the school year was, of course, our occupancy of the new school thus eliminating our need to continue to rent the Union Hall. ...The auditorium in the new school has proved to be very popular and useful for town as well as school functions

• Report of the Superintendent of Schools: We had 201 pupils in our elementary school on October 1, 1957.

• Report of the School Nurse: .As the years go by the picture in school work changes considerably, medically speaking. We hear less and less of contagious diseases — those we do hear about are all over in a few daysScarlet fever no longer requires strict quarantine if a person is treated with penicillin or other anti-biotics, due to the fact that scarlet fever is controlled quickly by above mentioned drugs

We are sorry to say Forsythe Dental Clinic has cancelled filling children's teeth unless brought in by parents. We are able, however, due to the Salvation Army support of John Davis' bus, to take 32 children in for their yearly cleanings. Respectfully submitted, Edna Sleeper, R. N., School Nurse


• Report of Board of Health: Areas near all roads and homes were aerial sprayed for moth and mosquito control. The two sprayings by East Coast Aviation Corporation proved very effective, and should be repeated each year.

Policing of the Town Dump has kept the grounds clear of rubbish, and eliminated unsightly conditions. Rubbish and refuse are now burned, and the area covered with dirt. Residents of neighboring towns, and commercial units operating outside town limits, have been stopped from using the Carlisle Town Dump.

• Report of Director of Civilian Defense: The Federal Government has recommended changes in civil defense organization and survival planning in case of nuclear attack. These new plans have changed and divided all states and their political subdivisions into evacuation and reception areas. The Town of Carlisle has been designated as an evacuation area, with the Town of Tyngsboro our reception area

• Report of the School Committee: We feel it is important to call to the attention of the town the fact that because of increased enrollment, the school facilities of the town will be taxed almost to their full capacity by the fall of 1960For this coming year (1959-1960) we will have to split grades two and five (grade one is already split) and we will have to use the kitchen area of the new school as a classroom.

• Concord-Carlisle Regional School District: Prior to the Town Meetings of March, 1958, the citizens of Concord and Carlisle had approved the formation of a Regional School District and had granted funds for preliminary planning for the construction of a regional high schooland completion of the school is anticipated by mid 1960


• Annual Town Meeting: Article 18. It was unanimously voted to name the new elementary school "The Spalding School" in memory of Oscar R. Spalding, who so generously gave to the town the land on which this school is built.

• Report of the Board of Health: It was voted at the Special Town Meeting to try the "fog" type of spray for control of insects and mosquitoes. Six sprayings along all town roads were completed during the summer season. Surveys made by the Board of Health to determine the effectiveness of this type of control showed it far less effective than the aerial spray

• Report of Board of Public Welfare: .Carlisle has been fortunate in having a small caseload under Old Age Assistance and General Relief during the year 1959, but the expenditure is still running very high due to the exorbitant cost of medical care

• Moth Department: A general spray was applied to all trees in the town. An acute problem has arisen within the past year, in the form of the oak-leaf miner. This will become more serious this year. It is hoped that by spraying, we may be able to control this pest.

Dutch Elm - A total of 23 diseased trees were removed this yearThe department used a 12% solution of DDT for a dormant spray for elm trees early in the season.

This drawing shows the Concord Carlisle Regional High School design proposed in the late 1950s. The campus has since been expanded, and is still in use today. (Gleason Library Collection)

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