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Friday, September 2, 2005


In response to the Carlisle Board of Health's article on Lyme disease in the August 12 issue of the newspaper, the Mosquito has interviewed several town residents who have suffered from this disease that is spread by deer ticks, usually from May through early autumn. We spoke with Carlisle residents Larry Bearfield, Roy Watson, Maya Liteplo and Betty McCullough. ...more

An enormous, gnarly oak tree shades the front of the Highland Building on School Street where a dozen artists rent studio space. Here, in a former life, generations of Carlisle school children learned "reading, 'riting and 'rithmetic" and enjoyed a simpler life than children do today. ...more

Name: Chicken of the Woods is a large mushroom so-named because it looks and tastes like white chicken meat when cooked. There are at least two species common around here — one is white on the underside and the other is bright yellow. Both are in the genus Laetiporus — pronounced lay-tee-PORE-us. The yellow-pored one is Laetiporus ...more

When August is full and lush, when the tomatoes are red in the garden and peaches ripening on the tree, the Joe Pyeweed flowers bend down with attendant bees and the soon-to-be-pink autumn sedum is building up to a full crescendo of bees humming and feeding, it is time to remember that not all bees make honey: some of them sting. ...more

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