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Friday, September 2, 2005


Shorts from the Planning Board, August 22

Cross Street development. Chair David Freedman and member Louise Hara reported on a site visit with William Costello and interested neighbors at the Cross Street conservation cluster development, henceforth to be known as Greystone Crossing. Freedman explained that the Planning Board tries to encourage pathways in new developments and requires them in new subdivisions. Costello was receptive to consideration of a pathway meandering along the east side of Cross Street along the development, but only if the Planning Board, Pathways Committee or some other entity would work to obtain the requisite permits, particularly where wetlands might be involved. The board voted to request some guidance from the Board of Selectmen, especially with respect to maintenance responsibilities for such a pathway which would lie partly on private property and partly within the town right-of-way. The public hearing on Greystone Crossing will be continued at 8:15 p.m. at the September 12 Planning Board meeting.

Appointments. Gretchen Caywood was introduced as the new secretary to the Planning Board. Brian Larson, a member of the Wireless Subcommittee, was introduced as a potential Planning Board associate member, pending endorsement by the Selectmen.

Wireless Bylaw Subcommittee. Board members Kent Gonzales and Richard Boule reported on the first meeting of the Wireless Bylaw Subcommittee held on August 1. It was an organizational meeting with a brief review of prior town coverage studies and discussion of the option of a cell tower sited at the Carlisle School. The schedule for subsequent meetings will be posted at Town Hall.

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