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Friday, September 2, 2005


A subdivision on the Benfield Land?
At its August 22 meeting the Planning Board received for review and endorsement a plan titled, "Town Subdivision Plan of Land for Parcel 'A' in Carlisle, Mass." The board responded with the question, "The Selectmen are planning a subdivision on the Benfield Property?"

John Ballantine, who was asked by the Selectmen to work with Town Counsel to place deed restrictions on the Benfield Land parcels, quickly diffused concerns. The title was unfortunate, he explained. The town-owned Benfield Parcel A is subdivided into four lots. The rationale is to designate the area intended for housing as a "pork chop" lot with legal frontage, which will facilitate financing of some future building project.

Lot 1 is the front 4.39 acres on South Street. Lot 2, a 12-acre parcel designated for housing, is a "pork chop" lot with 41.2 feet of frontage on South Street. Lot 3 is 3+ acres and is labeled "Ballfield" on the plot plan, while the back 25+ acres, Lot 4, are labeled "Conservation Land."

The plan was endorsed as an ANR (Approval Not Required) by the Planning Board.

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