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Friday, August 12, 2005


After starting construction just three weeks ago, trenches for the school's new wastewater treatment facility are dug and pipes have been installed from the school down to Bedford Road/Route 225. Trenching along Bedford Road in front of Green Cemetery continued this week by D'Amico Construction, with the pipeline to continue up the side of the Banta-Davis ...more

[The Mosquito will follow up this report with interviews with several Carlisle residents who have suffered from the Lyme disease in the next issue.] ...more

It has been a quiet week in Carlisle. On Tuesday, the space shuttle Discovery safely returned to Earth in the California desert, the Red Sox edged out the Texas Rangers in extra innings to remain in first place in the American League East, and the Carlisle Board of Selectmen once again confronted the problem of weed control in the town pathways. ...more

It was a short and sweet Carlisle Board of Appeals meeting this month, with two variances sought and received. With no current 40B hearings, the meeting progressed quickly and smoothly. ...more

Work is continuing behind the scenes on the Benfield project this summer. To find out what is happening, the Mosquito spoke with Selectman John Williams, Housing Authority Chair Alan Lehotsky, and former Selectman John Ballantine. Ballantine served as the chairman of the Benfield Task Force and continues to volunteer on the project. He explained that two ...more

Court Booth, Paul Dewey, and Rick Prats of Concord Carlisle TV Inc. (CCTV) attended the August 9 Board of Selectmen meeting to extend full membership privileges to town residents with the hope that both Carlisle and Concord may establish formal relations with their organization. CCTV was established during the last ten months in order to support ...more

Town Common Committee

The Town Common Committee (TCC) recently purchased $409.65 worth of lime, fertilizer, and a lawn spreader and then sent the bill to the Carlisle Board of Selectmen. The Common is maintained by the Carlisle D.P.W., whose budget should cover such costs. Since the TCC does not have a budget and therefore has no money to spend, the Selectmen were understandably ...more

The Carlisle School Building Committee (SBC) will hold interviews with four architectural design firms who are finalists for the new school building Master Plan approved by voters at Town Meeting in May. The interviews are open to the public. ...more

Children at the LEGO robotics camp held last week at the school library gave the camp a thumbs up, according to parents and school Superintendent Marie Doyle. "You could see the excitement in the students and parent feedback was great," said Doyle, who said the idea for the one-week day camp was generated by parents, including Paul McCormack who ...more

Two of the herbicides mentioned in the pathway maintenance discussions [see Selectmen Create Weed Control Task Force, page 1] are Roundup and Burnout. Both are systemic, non-selective weed killers, but the two herbicides have significant differences. Roundup contains the enzyme inhibitor glyphosate, and is manufactured by the Monsanto corporation. ...more

Eleven communities were surveyed by The Mosquito about controlling weeds in the public ways. The survey found the majority of towns use an exclusively mechanical method to control weeds and only three communities occasionally used an herbicide. ...more

[The Mosquito asked the Board of Health to share their thoughts on pesticide use, and their comments are printed below.] ...more

The Concord-Carlisle Bay State 11s scored a dramatic come-from-behind victory Sunday to upset 2004 champs Acton-Boxborough, 9-8 and win the second-round Bay State Trophy Weekend in the "B" division. Down 3-8 at the top of the fifth inning, the team's comeback was sparked by a triple by Concord's Jack Michaud, which brought home base runners Brendan ...more

Principal's Coffee For Parents — October To May

The first Monday of each month, Arthur Dulong will host a Principals' Coffee for parents. These coffees provide an opportunity to learn about what is happening at the high school, to ask questions, and to offer suggestions. Typically, these coffees have been held on the first Monday morning of each month beginning in October and ending in May. Coffees are ...more

Candidates for the fall athletic program at Concord-Carlisle high school should report to their coaches on the following dates and times: ...more

Thursday, August 18

Town Hall 7:30 p.m.

7:30 Minutes ...more

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