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Friday, August 12, 2005


Among the papers in the collection of the Carlisle Historical Society is an article entitled "The Home of the Carlisle Pines, a Short History of Carlisle," written in 1905 by Elizabeth Robbins Berry. Mrs. Berry was born in Carlisle in 1854. She was a descendent of old Concord and Carlisle families, among them Willards, Bloods and Healds. She was ...more

Just why anyone tends a garden plot is hard to know. This year in a dreary May, cold rain showers fell almost every day and the thermometer held in the 40s. Later, heat, sun, and water brought on crops of peppers, eggplant, and corn. At times this summer the heat and humidity have been almost unbearable while you're weeding and staking. ...more

Summer Recreation in Carlisle started the week of June 27 with 50 young Lacrosse players on Spalding Field participating in a new and successful Leading Edge Lacrosse Clinic. ...more

Tim Burton's latest film Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is almost beyond description. For a film where everyone already knows what is going to happen, Burton manages to keep the audience not just entertained but enthralled. ...more

I am loosed from the earth ...more

On July 23, my wife D'Ann and I were at Great Brook Farm State Park at the "boat launch" area near North Road. D'Ann was painting near the brook while I walked the trails. As I returned, D'Ann discovered a large beetle crawling on her shirt. I had my camera, so I relocated the beetle to a rock and took photos. Fortunately, D'Ann likes most insects, ...more

Best made a day or two ahead, as it is served chilled. ...more

Almost every day, I drive past the Old North Bridge (or, rather, the New Old North Bridge, as it will be when its reconstruction is complete). The view of the bridge from the Carlisle side of Monument Street is now clearer, because of the felling of so many trees to make the area look as it did on April 19, 1775. Every time I see this sight, I feel a little ...more

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