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Friday, August 12, 2005


Area towns avoid herbicides

Eleven communities were surveyed by The Mosquito about controlling weeds in the public ways. The survey found the majority of towns use an exclusively mechanical method to control weeds and only three communities occasionally used an herbicide.

Brush cutting, weed whacking and manual pulling of weeds were listed by the communities as their method of controlling weeds. All of the communities surrounding Carlisle were surveyed as well as communities nearby, or similar to Carlisle.

Only the towns of Acton, Concord and Maynard acknowledged herbicide use. Properties Director and Tree Warden of Acton, Dean Charter, stated they "only use Roundup and frankly don't do much of that. We have done a little bit of spraying in 15 years." The town of Concord uses an herbicide occasionally on an "as requested basis" by a homeowner or to protect a road crew installing a guard rail. Maynard routinely sprays an herbicide in their downtown area to control weeds in the sidewalks.

All other communities surveyed only tackle weeds with brush cutting. According to Charles Fario, Superintendent of Parks and Trees Division for the Town of Billerica, "We don't use herbicides. When you do, you run into issues of liability."

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