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Friday, August 12, 2005


Carlisle sees new opportunities for community access TV

Court Booth, Paul Dewey, and Rick Prats of Concord Carlisle TV Inc. (CCTV) attended the August 9 Board of Selectmen meeting to extend full membership privileges to town residents with the hope that both Carlisle and Concord may establish formal relations with their organization. CCTV was established during the last ten months in order to support local PEG (public, education, government) access television. They currently operate under agreement with the Town of Concord and seek to expand its partnership with local government, including the Town of Carlisle, in order to rebuild and sustain public access television as a valued local resource.

Booth explained that CCTV currently broadcasts on Channel 8 and is developing a Community Bulletin Board on Channel 9. "CCTV does not produce television per se," said Booth. "Its role is to support local citizens in doing so." They do this by providing training, equipment, technical support, and broadcast opportunities for its members. Citizens of both towns are eligible to join the non-profit organization and hold voting rights and receive membership services. At present, CCTV's financial support is derived from Concord's license agreement with Comcast, the local cable service provider.

CCTV is now refurbishing its studio at Concord-Carlisle High School and installing new equipment. "The studio is fast becoming a valued resource for high school students and teachers," said Booth. "Middle school students and teachers in Carlisle and Concord are likely to take a keen interest in CCTV, as local access has demonstrated its educational and developmental potential in many other communities."

CCTV will soon rewire Concord's Town House for much-improved live broadcast capacity. "As we do this, it may be wise to start investigating what a similar effort in Carlisle might entail," said Booth. "You'll recall we taped and broadcast your recent Town Meeting, and you may want to expand those possibilities in the future."

Booth and his colleagues asked the Selectmen that Carlisle share in the costs of public access television with funds available through its license agreement with Comcast, so that CCTV can continue and expand its potential for Carlisle residents, schools and local government. "We look forward to working with Carlisle in the interests of good public access communication and citizen participation in local government," concluded Booth. "We believe that PEG access, with both towns together, can be cost effective and further promote positive relations between the residents of these sister communities."

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