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Friday, August 12, 2005


Summer starts quietly for the Board Of Appeals

It was a short and sweet Carlisle Board of Appeals meeting this month, with two variances sought and received. With no current 40B hearings, the meeting progressed quickly and smoothly.

46 Stearns Street

John McDonough at 46 Stearns Street sought a special permit for construction of a two-car garage and permission to screen and enclose half of an existing porch. A special permit is necessary as this house is built on a one-acre, nonconforming lot. All set-back requirements were met. The board voted unanimously to approve.

1 River Road

In the other hearing which had been continued from July, the board addressed the variance request of New River Road Realty Trust, Lynda Renfroe, for permission to replace two old septic systems with a new Title 5-compliant system for her property at 1 River Road.

The question left unresolved from last month was why the BOA was even involved in this issue. Board member Terry Herndon again explained that the bylaws under which the board operates address only structures, and septic systems are not structures. "The town bylaws should state these things specifically — I object to taking over a job that isn't in our purview," Herndon repeated.

Board Chair Cindy Nock reviewed the request saying that the applicant was asked to come before the board by the building inspector because the owner was changing the location of the septic system from a business-zoned area, into an entirely residentially owned area. The property consisted of two different zoning areas which has complicated the matter.

The applicant still must go before the Conservation Commission, and the Board of Health to obtain the necessary permits, but the spokesman for the applicant told the board that, "the Town of Carlisle building inspector has told me I need to come and that's why I'm here."

The board ultimately voted unanimously to approve the variance request, with the stipulation that there would be an easement for the property, or a combination of the two lots. In addition, it stipulated that the only use of that residential area would be the installation of the new septic system.

Vet permit questioned

In additional discussion, the board spoke about their decision not long ago to grant a multi-year special permit to former town veterinarian, Peter Morey, to operate his animal hospital. Morey has moved, and the board reiterated its policy that it gives special permits to the applicants only, and not to second and third parties. "The BOA gives special permits only to people living on the property, not to someone who leases the property."

The board said that they would inform the Selectmen of this, and that the Selectmen would have to enforce the ruling.

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