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Friday, August 12, 2005


Selectmen create Weed Control Task Force

It has been a quiet week in Carlisle. On Tuesday, the space shuttle Discovery safely returned to Earth in the California desert, the Red Sox edged out the Texas Rangers in extra innings to remain in first place in the American League East, and the Carlisle Board of Selectmen once again confronted the problem of weed control in the town pathways.

The Selectmen voted in July to allow the Pedestrian and Bike Safety Committee to perform a test along a short section of the pathways to compare the efficacy of the Roundup herbicide versus Burnout, an organic formulation of acetic acid, for controlling weeds. This prompted the Board of Health to express their dismay on the use of pesticides and herbicides on the public pathways and to request the Selectmen to seek their input before authorizing herbicide use. The Carlisle Pesticide Awareness Group (CPAG) became involved and the Conservation Commission (ConsCom) offered a few words from their perspective.

This dumped the problem back in the laps of the Board of Selectmen at their August 9 meeting, and they met the dilemma head-on in true governmental fashion — they formed a task force to study the problem. The Weed Control Task Force will consist of Tim Hult from the Board of Selectmen, and a representative from the Pedestrian and Bike Safety Committee, Board of Health, CPAG, and ConsCom. Their first task will be to select members and then choose a time and place for their first meeting.

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