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Friday, August 12, 2005


Lots of summer fun for Carlisle youth . . .

Summer Recreation in Carlisle started the week of June 27 with 50 young Lacrosse players on Spalding Field participating in a new and successful Leading Edge Lacrosse Clinic.

The week of July 5 marked the beginning of the six weeks of the Summer Fun Day Program for children aged 5 to 9 and Summer Fun Activities for children aged 9 to 15. The two-week sessions of A, B and C served 75, 62 and 59 youngsters respectively. The Summer Programs are based at the Carlisle Public School and use private pools in town for swim lessons. The week of August 15 has 44 children enrolled in MLS Soccer Clinic on Spalding Field, while the Field Hockey Clinic is still seeking enrollments for August 22-24.

Overall there were 294 registrants this summer with 35 college students, teenagers and adults employed to oversee activities which included tennis, dance/ skits, crafts, swimming, playground and library time for the younger set while older children chose activities such as archery, jewelry, pottery, wall climbing, bowling, golf, horse riding, cooking, pet care, tennis and swimming. Young people ages 14 and 15 (and older) took part in our Councilor-In-Training program.

This year 309 community service hours were donated by teenagers during the summer and the 360 combined hours of pool use donated by the Bohn, Hughes and Jacques families.

Watching all of these young people enjoying the Summer Fun programs each year and seeing many of them working in the program today teaching the young ones how to enjoy and appreciate growing up in Carlisle makes one feel very lucky indeed to be a part of this community.

During this hot summer weather arts and crafts is a place to get out of the sun. Here Catherine Gladstone (left), Morgan Pierce and Erika Hedden are creating collages. (Photo by Susan Goodall)


Each weekday morning, potter Karin Lemmermann teaches summer fun students. This morning she helps Abby Wilcox shape a piece while Kayla Randazzo and Alison Yousefi work on their projects. (Photo by Susan Goodall)

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