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Friday, July 29, 2005


Young wizards and witches gathered in Carlisle on the night of Friday, July 15, to celebrate the midnight release of J.K. Rowling's new book, Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince. There was plenty of excitement in this party hosted by Anjli Trehan and the Friends of the Gleason Public Library for Harry Potter fans entering grades three through eight. ...more

Everyone warned me that it would seem small. That's the first thing that people generally tell you when you mention that you are about to tour your childhood home, having not set foot in it for the past twenty years: it will seem small. ...more

It was an evening of red-carpet treatment and stretch limousines, tuxedo-clad gentlemen and women in long gowns clutching beaded handbags. At least one local celebrity (unknown to this reporter) was observed stepping out of a limousine to blow kisses to her cheering fans. It wasn't the Tony Awards, but it was our local equivalent: the DASH (Distinguished Achievement ...more

Walking down the airport escalator at Heathrow, the woman next to me mentions a power failure or bomb on the tube. At 10 a.m. I disregard the remark, still awash in lavender fields, provencal herbs, and the glow from long evening meals at my cousin's three-day wedding in Provence. I leave a message for my schoolboy chum to meet us at London Bridge at noon. ...more

Summertime meals can be casual or fancy, but they carry with them a celebratory feeling that meals at other times of year just don't match. Whether you are spreading a picnic blanket on the sand or setting a table on the patio, there is a special flavor to the repast. Picnicking is more a state of mind than a meal. ...more

Many Carlisleans love nature, and that's one of the big reasons for coming to live here in the first place. For that reason, many people take guests on a local hike to Great Brook State Park or to the Cranberry Bog. At the end of that visit this summer, you may decide to follow up with a stop at the Gleason Public Library where landscape paintings by artist ...more

Shakespeare on the Common, presented by the Commonwealth Shakespeare Company, is ten years old this summer. It is a local treasure. Comprised of local actors whose experience runs from student status to seasoned Broadway performer, the company celebrates that range. Boston is magic at night: it is lovely to look up at the rising evening star, sea gulls flying ...more

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