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Friday, July 29, 2005


Shorts from the Conservation Commission, July 14

Foss Farm gardeners —Slow down for turtles! Conservation Administrator Sylvia Willard reported that a turtle had been run over on the Foss Farm road to the garden plots. Commissioners voted to post a "turtle crossing" sign adjacent to the road. Gardeners are reminded that there is a 5-mph speed limit on that narrow dirt lane.

School septic system de-watering plan. Project Manager Rob Trzepacz and engineer Mike Linehan presented a de-watering plan for controlling the flow of water during construction of a five- to six-foot trench that will be dug across Spalding Field and along the Church Street roadbed as part of the new school septic system. The trench will hold a sewer pipe designed to carry effluent from a tank at the Carlisle School to the planned septic treatment plant on the Banta-Davis Land. The de-watering plan was required under an Order of Conditions issued by the Commission at the time the overall engineering specifications were approved.

Linehan told the commissioners that the trench will be back-filled as the pipe is laid. Commissioner Tricia Smith cautioned that a sedimentation basin, designed to catch and filter water that will inevitably result from digging in a land area with a high underground water level, will need to be well maintained and its capacity monitored. Following the necessary assurances from Linehan, the Commission approved the plan. The work along Church Street should take approximately one week to complete.

Maple Street enforcement order. Willard reported she had sent an enforcement order to James and Judith Keefe following a decision from the Planning Board that large rocks moved from a roadside location and partially disposed of in and near a wetland could not be designated as a "farmer's stonewall" and need not be reconstituted to comply with the Scenic Road Bylaw. The property owners were nonetheless advised that the dumping was a violation of the Wetlands Protection Act and therefore the rocks would have to be removed from the resource area. Chairman Tom Schultz and Commissioner Roy Watson pointed out that the contractor, not the property owner, was the one actively, but not legally, responsible for the violation, and that he too should receive a copy of the enforcement order.

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