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Friday, July 15, 2005


Army National Guard Specialist Neil Fantasia made it home to Carlisle just in time for his sister Jennifer's graduation from Concord-Carlisle High School on Saturday, June 4. Since then he has been dividing his time between his home on Cross Street and trips to Rockport to be with his pals who live near his family's summer cottage on the ocean. He returned ...more

Recently the Gleason Public Library has been kicking around the idea of sponsoring something called the "town book project." This would involve everybody of appropriate age in Carlisle reading the same book (on a voluntary basis, of course), and then coming together in various groups, venues and programs to discuss it, debate its merits and flaws, ...more


• Report of the Board of Selectmen: A committee for defense has been organized to work with the State Defense Committee.A joint committee was formed to try to check incendiary fires, and also to find out what men could be called on, if needed, for defense purposes. ...more

Visit the OHD web site at to see pictures, albums and videos of this year's spectacular Old Home Day. A CD of Carlisle's 200th anniversary OHD celebration is planned for release this fall, and may be reserved at the OHD web site. There is also a survey form so that readers can give input to the Old Home Day committee about ...more

Here is a quiz designed for Carlisleans to measure their environmental impact. Accumulate Green Points by answering the following questions. See if you are an "Environmental Guru" or an "Environmental Ostrich." ...more

Name: The red milkweed beetle is Tetraopes tetropthalmus. Both genus and species names translate to "four eyes" and refer to the fact that each compound eye is separated into two parts by the placement of the antenna. Early in its evolution this beetle probably felt as if it was at a Red Sox game in a seat behind a pole. It must have ...more

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