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Friday, July 15, 2005

Clean plates say it all

To the Editor:

I remember being told by our grandmother who worked in a boarding house that though it was a lot of work she always knew she had done okay whenever she saw an empty plate. That was her biggest reward and it kept her energized.

We have received many, many letters and e-mails thanking our committee for a wonderful two days. We know we speak for all of the committee volunteers when we say that our biggest reward was seeing so many "clean plates" reflecting all those smiling faces! That ¹s why we do it. If it works for the town, if it works for you, it works for us.

Old Home Day is a real-life example in the truest sense of "by the people and for the people." And in that spirit we need you to help us as we plan for next year. If you'd take just a moment and go to our web site ( or you'll find a short form of questions that we'd sure like to know the answers to.

You'll also find links to many photo albums and videos from the day. We are planning on releasing a documentary of OHD 2005 this fall and you can reserve your copy by going to the web site.

It was our pleasure to do what we could. See you again next year.

Dave and Florence Reed
For the Old Home Day Committee
Page Brook Road

OHD Soap Box Derby volunteers thanked

To the Editor:

This year's Soap Box Derby was a lot of fun, but wouldn't have been possible without some very fine folks who helped. Thanks go to two former Carlisle residents, Harry Hedison and Paul Swanson, for judging creativity. The hay that lined the track was provided by Dick Shohet. We should also thank the DPW for helping us load the hay back up on the trailer on Monday morning. Liz Orlando handed out the awards. Thanks go to the Police Department for once again providing the speed results. Lastly, there wouldn't have been a race at all without the entrants. Special thanks to all the kids and parents who invested their time to build this year's racers.

Michael Jackson
OHD Soap Box Derby Co-chair
Page Brook Road

All of Maple Street is beautiful

To the Editor:

It is very perplexing as to the intention of the added emphasis that was placed upon the word "scenic" in the Mosquito's reporting of a missing stone wall along "scenic" Maple Street (Shorts from the Conservation Commission, July 1, 2005.) I can only speculate that this was either a poorly worded attempt to identify Maple Street, end to end, as a designated "scenic" byway, or at extreme worst, the reporting of the expression of a personal bias against perceived less "scenic" sections of Maple Street by a member of our town's government. I am personally quite proud of our "scenic" and unique end of Maple Street, adjacent to the Billerica town line. While there could be a myriad of other reasons for the added emphasis to the word "scenic," as reported by the Mosquito, I will continue to believe that your intention was the former as the consequences of the latter interpretation are simply too unsettling to believe possible.

Ed Rolfe
Maple Street

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