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Friday, July 15, 2005


Old Home Day wrap-up

Visit the OHD web site at to see pictures, albums and videos of this year's spectacular Old Home Day. A CD of Carlisle's 200th anniversary OHD celebration is planned for release this fall, and may be reserved at the OHD web site. There is also a survey form so that readers can give input to the Old Home Day committee about what activities they would like to see at future Old Home Days.

2005 Old Home Day Parade

Once again, this year's Parade Marshall was David "Bucky" Toher riding his horse, Lola. He was backed by the MASOOI Mounted Search & Rescue team, and Vikings on Icelandic Ponies. Then came the handsome Carlisle Police Color Guard, followed by the Carlisle Minutemen who were joined this year by Joe Diment's Fife & Drum Corps.

Next were some excellent Carlisle barnyard representatives — llama, alpaca, donkey and several miniature horses. Prominent Carlisleans in convertibles then preceded a record number of Carlisle children and their decorated cycles, wagons, scooters and soapbox racers. Parade-watchers also enjoyed the synchronized demonstrations performed by Callahan's Kempo Karate, many creative and enthusiastic floats, handsome antique cars, the "Ferret"(British Armored Car), the Historical Society's antique hearse and a full complement of fire engines with sirens.

Awards and judges comments for parade entries were:

1st — Concord Street Birthday Party. "Most original implementation of Carlisle happy birthday theme with pop-up birthday cake epitomizes Carlisle neighborhood spirit."

2nd — First Religious Society Precision Umbrella Unit. "Their obvious preparation kept the rain away with their historical sense of birthday party fashion."

3rd — Noah's Ark Cake. "Interesting presentation of the Noah's Ark theme."

Best Animal Award — Viking Horsepersons on Icelandic ponies. "Golden helmets and fur tops were the appropriate finishing touch."

Best kids' entry: Carlisle Girls Softball Team. "Thorough implementation of softball themebats, song, cracker-jacks."

Best music award: Fife & Drum Corps. "We hope there will be a tradition of seeing them every year!"

Best vehicle: Carlisle Fire Trucks. "It is appreciated that the Carlisle FD preserves these antique vehicles in working condition. A fitting grand finale."

The Old Home Day Committee extends its sincere thanks to all of this year's parade participants for their hard work and creative preparation. The Committee also thanks this year's volunteers who assisted in keeping the parade running smoothly, including Nicole Burkel,the Red Balloon, and Olivia Cooney.

Bread—Baking Contest results

This year marked a first — bread baked in an outdoor, wood-fired oven brought in at the last second by Michael Holland. It was beautiful as well as delicious.

Youth division:

1st in sweet quick breads category, and also best whle grain - Elizabeth Cheever for whole wheat prune bread.

Adult division:

Sweet yeast breads

1st — Suzanne Brown for celebration sticky buns

Savory yeast breads

1st — Michael Holland for brick oven baked sourdough
2nd — Jennifer Bush for rustic rye
Sweet quick breads
1st Mary Hannan for Irish soda bread
Savory quick breads
1st — John Lee for black olive, sun-dried tomato and goat cheese muffins
Whole grain
1st — Jennifer Bush

Corn Shucking

1st —Anne Kane of Newton, MA

Pie Baking

Junior division:

1st — Kevin McNamara for lemon cream berry pie
2nd — John McNamara for lemon cream berry pie
3rd — Samantha Blue for raspberry cream pie

Senior division: cream pies

1st — Colette Cook for key lime pie
2nd — Beverly Humm for strawberry mousse
3rd — Bernadette LeBlanc for banana cream pie

Senior division: fruit pies

1st — Mariellen Perugini for creamy blueberry pie
2nd tie — Jeff Dinardo for strawberry-blueberry pie and Annette Lee for peach almond pie
Cake Baking

Junior division:

1st — Harriet Ketchen for "Fishbowl"
2nd — Sophie Shohet for "Sweet Dreams"
3rd — Anna Jewell and Lily Jewell for "Carlisle Cats"
Senior division:

1st — Liz Orlando for "Sushi"
2nd — The Stropkay family for "Igloo"
3rd — Margaret Crouse Skelly for "Town Statue"
Soap Box Derby

Speed category:

1st — Julian Palmer (17 mph)
2nd — Evan Carpenito and Bill Mills (16 mph)
3rd — Cam McGrory (15 mph)
Creativity category:

1st — Cam McGrory
2nd — John Knobel
3rd — Lara Lofdahl
Pet Show
Judging from the 16 happy pets and their equally happy and enthusiastic owners, the children's' pet show was a wild success. In the puppy category, all of the entrants were extremely knowledgeable and loving toward their new pets. First-place ribbons were awarded to Anna and Alden Ringheiser with Max, Amanda Fabrizio with Tori, Emily Ramnarine with Genni and Kevin McNamara with Hunter. The largest class of the day, dogs, awarded first-place ribbons to the following: Bradley Kimball with Ruby, who likes to play baseball; Val Caddell with Jake, Danny and Katie Hales with Bella; Ben Schofield with Astro, who likes to catch a ball; Genevieve Carmichael with Liam; Charles Fitzpatrick with Sheila; and Roxanne Sayde with Meggie, who was interviewed on camera by the Old Home Day video crew.

The cat category had two entrants and both were awarded first-place ribbons: Kelsey Erickson with Evie, and Shayna Erickson with Adam. Parker Brophy won a blue ribbon for both of his bunnies, Dillon and Black Pearl. Parker was very knowledgeable about the bunnies and is their primary caregiver. Timothy McCormack, the final entry of the day, won a blue ribbon with his frog, Jerry.

A special appreciation to all the volunteers who made the pet show such fun for all: Maya Smith, Kelsey Erickson, Megan Brennan judging handled judging duties. Also helping with judging and cleanup were Chris Bojanic, Andrew McGrory and Ben Young. Hillary Burke, Jan Burke and Sally Lakness handled set- up, judging and overall coordination. Thanks to all the participants and volunteers.

Thank you OHD community service volunteers

If you have not received your Project Completion paperwork, please contact Debbie Power or Bill Cooney at 1-978-369-0434.

Road races

Complete race results and photos are posted on the Mosquito web site (, then click on Archives); and the Old Home Day ( web site.

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