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Friday, July 1, 2005


A steamy Old Home Day weekend ended in spectacular fashion with a fireworks display that did more than justice to the celebration of Carlisle's bicentennial. Sunday evening's closing celebration began on Spalding Field with an ice cream social and a "twilight music cavalcade." This all-Carlisle musical offering featured performances by Dot and Doc, ...more

We are the class of 2005. We live in Carlisle because our parents made a conscious decision about our education. We are in an environment where we have excellent teachers who teach us well and it's our job to learn. ...more

Thank you for the memories ...more

Good Morning and Happy Birthday, Carlisle! It's great to be here celebrating Carlisle's Bicentennial. It is also an honor to be before you to present Carlisle's 2005 Most Honored Citizen Award. As is often the case, the Celebrations Committee is faced with the daunting task of selecting from some of Carlisle's most active inhabitants and prolific givers. This ...more

It gives me great pleasure to stand before you today to present another outstanding individual as our Conservationist of the Year. As in years past, I have been privileged to introduce an individual whose service to our community has been well beneath the radar of most of us in town. Quiet and unassuming are the two most frequently applied adjectives when ...more

Because 2005 is a "Com-memorative" year, the race's 30th and the town's 200th, a special medal was designed by Phyllis Hughes for the occasion and presented to the race participants and volunteers. Reports are that they were admired greatly by those who received one, served as an extra incentive for entering the races, and will continue to do service ...more

1 Ronald Langat 29:36 1st place Male, 1st male 20-29 ...more

1 David Tobin 05:14 1st male overall, 1st male 15-19 ...more

The Biodiversity Corner rarely reports news, but this week there is news of a rare species, the first ever confirmed sighting of Blanding's Turtle, Emydoidea blandingii, in Carlisle. The turtle is classified as "threatened," the middle group in the state's three-level system for categorizing rare species of plants and animals. Spotted turtles, ...more

This piece about Anna P. Johnson was written for a church function where we celebrated her 90th birthday. I am submitting it as written, in the present tense, because those of us who knew and loved her will always think of her in the present tense. ...more

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