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Friday, July 1, 2005


Shorts from the Carlisle School Committee, June 15, June 22

Volunteers recognized. Holding a large bunch of roses, Carlisle School Superintendent Marie Doyle gave special recognition to over 20 volunteers including the School Building Committee. Each volunteer received a certificate and a rose. Additionally she named three new faces to the Carlisle School Volunteers Hall of Fame: the Sobin family, the Mahoney family, and the School Building Committee.

Technology aide. At the June 15 meeting Doyle announced the CSA has offered a grant of $20,000 to support a part time technology aide. "I do appreciate this offer," said Fitzgerald, but explaining in the past the correct procedure was to supply the committee with information, and vote on the issue at the following meeting. "I will vote on this if the information can be provided in a couple of days. This wasn't on the agenda." After voting to accept the grant, Barbee commented, "Now the CSA can be proud they made us have a discussion about the proper procedure."

Elementary foreign language delayed. "The staff is wary about how World Language will fit in the curriculum," explained Doyle. The CEF (Carlisle Education Foundation) has given a grant to the school to extend foreign language classes down to the elementary level, but more planning will need to be done before the program can be introduced. Doyle said there's a "crush of time" and they need to get teachers involved in the planning. A task force will be convened, but she expects the program to be delayed a year.

CPAC at meetings. Carlisle parent Kristine Tocci, new chair of CPAC (Carlisle Parent Advisory Committee) told the school committee the organization plans to have a representative from CPAC attend all school committee meetings.

Eighth-Grade Trip. "The eighth- grade trip was phenomenal," reported Doyle. "They loved the addition of the Armory (Higgins Armory Museum in Worcester)." Dockterman said his son confessed "The Rockwell Museum was not as bad as he thought." Doyle said she did not hear any complaints. The students particularly enjoyed the dinner with the Jeopardy-type show, and their time at Six Flags. "The trip at the end is a celebration. They had a great, great time."

Classrooms extremely hot. During the last few weeks of school the upstairs classrooms in the Grant Building were unbearable at times, said Doyle. More fans are needed in the classrooms. One classroom has a few that were donated by parents and more donations would be appreciated. During one afternoon, fourth-and fifth-grade classes were held in the air-conditioned library, said fourth- grade teacher Liz Gray. Doyle said she will speak to David Flannery about the possibility of installing window air conditioners in those rooms or at least purchasing room fans.

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