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Friday, July 1, 2005


Carlisle School programs promote respect

There are a variety of ways the Carlisle School is promoting respect — or civility — within the school, Principal Stephen Goodwin told the Carlisle School Committee. Civility activities include giving all students a description of the "universal expectations," running an Open Circle Program (socialization groups) and Second Step Conflict Resolution, giving Internet safety talks, promoting responsibility through D.A.R.E, and the all-school meeting led by the fifth grade.

Committee chair David Dockterman complimented the school on the thoroughness of the civility program. When there are behavior problems, asked committee member Christy Barbee, "Is it group dynamics?" It can be, answered Goodwin, and the advisor/advisory program helps. "What kind of behavior have you observed in the cafeteria?" asked committee member Nicole Burkel. "Loud, rushing, food goes airborne, kids get silly," responded Carlisle School Assistant Principal Michael Giurlando.

Barbee expressed concern about teasing. She noted teasing behavior may not be obvious to teachers and parents. Other kids may see the behavior, she said, but may be too scared to step in. A parent attending the meeting agreed, noting an incident in which one of her children was teased.

More leadership opportunities are planned for the middle school students. "We are a community, but do we all know each other?" wondered Goodwin. Next year the eighth-grade students will take charge of planning Civility Day, giving them a leadership role.

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