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Friday, July 1, 2005

What a celebration!

To the Editor:

O.K, I'll try not to gush, but wow! The fireworks were amazing, phenomenal...unbelievable! Thank-you, thank-you, George Foote, et al. Thank-you to all who gave so generously of time and money to make the show possible. It couldn't have been better... a rival to Boston. It made me clap and cheer, ooh and ah just like a kid. Great music, too! Thank you for giving my family and all of Carlisle such a memorable evening. Congratulations to Dave and Florence Reed and everyone involved with OHD. Special kudos to Bob and Nancy Orlando who organized the best OHD Country Fair we've seen.

The two days were truly first class!

Kathy Schweer
School Street

A great little town

To the Editor:

Thank you Carlisle. Thank you to David Reed and his entire team of volunteers. Thank you to the donors and participants. Thank you to the runners, the timers, the booth organizers and the pancake flippers. Thank you to the frogs that were pulled from their watery paradise to be manhandled by little fingers hoping that "Lucky" would jump far. Thank you to the parade participants, the Concord St. Cake float, the decorated bicycles, the dunking booth volunteers and the soap box racers. Thank you to the cake bakers and cake walkers and grilled chicken grillers. Thank you to all of the musicians who played while sundaes were scooped and eaten before the fabulous fireworks display. Thank you to everyone for coming to participate in it all and make this a great community event and thank you to Lee Milliken for looking down on us all and providing beautiful weather.

I grew up in Carlisle and remember Old Home Days from my childhood and feel fortunate to be back here again. As the fireworks ended we both commented, this is a great little town.

Heidi (Reichenbach) Harring
West Street

Fire Department volunteers thanked

To the Editor:

With this year's truly wonderful Old Home Day events over "with a Big Bang," I wanted to make special thanks to all the "unsung heroes" that help us on the Fire Department with the barbeque.

Thank you to the spouses, families and friends of the firefighters for allowing us to have the time to volunteer for all the preparations, serving and clean up and for your direct participation year after year. Thank you to all the organizations that contribute time, resources, space equipment and coordination of efforts, we cannot succeed without you. And thank you to all who join in the festivities both in person and in sprit. I am always amazed at the number of happy, happy faces no matter how hot it is.

While it is ultimately a lot of the firefighters who get the "face" of putting on this event, we both rely on and endlessly appreciate everyone else (including Mother Nature!) to keep this part of the OHD tradition alive and strong.

Richard Sibley
Cross Street
Co-Chair, CFRA Chicken Barbeque

School Committee thanks CEF and CSA

To the Editor:

We would like to let everyone know of the generous support provided recently to the Carlisle Public Schools by two organizations of dedicated parents and friends of education, the Carlisle Education Foundation and the Carlisle School Association. We know parents and others sometimes wonder where the money goes when they contribute to these organizations or participate in one of their many fundraisers. We can tell you unequivocally that every penny is going to enhance the education of our children.

The CEF has offered to provide funds to extend education in world languages to our children in kindergarten through fifth grade, an initiative that has long been one of the district's goals and to which we are dedicated. The school will begin offering languages to our younger children once administrators and faculty have had time to work out the details. Parents will receive a survey about language preference.

The CSA is providing $20,000 to fund the hiring of a technology specialist, a position the schools sorely need to keep up with demand from faculty and students. This additional position will help us provide more timely responses to requests for help and maintenance, and will allow our staff to become more technologically proficient.

This year, our faculty compiled a "wishing tree" list of supplies and equipment they would like to have for use in their classrooms. The CSA has stepped forward to fund every single item, each of which will benefit children.

We have been wowed by the generosity and support Carlisle parents show every day for our schools and children. Thank you all.

The Carlisle School Committee
David Dockterman, chair
Nicole Burkel, vice chair
Michael Fitzgerald
Wendell Sykes
Christy Barbee

Used booksale raises $3,100 for library

To the Editor:

Despite record-setting temperatures and the competing allure of other Old Home Day events, a dedicated band of volunteers raised over $3,100 for the Friends of the Gleason Public Library's Used Book Sale on Saturday, June 25.

I would like to specially thank co-chairs Nancy Pierce and Karen Trittipo, for spending countless hours organizing, sorting, scheduling and enlisting volunteers, friends and family to help make the book sale such a big success. Of course, the event could not have happened without the donation of approximately 6000 books by so many Carlisle residents, and the space to store and sort them that was graciously provided by Barbara and Alan Lewis. Dave Smith generously loaned us the use of his trailer to transport all those books, which probably eliminated 20 car trips through town!

I would also like to thank the librarians for collecting and storing the books in their already crowded office. A special thank you to Joan and Matthew Patterson and John, Dan and Josh Putnam who cheerfully lugged books to and from the library, whenever required. Also a big thank you to the more than 50 volunteers who carted, sorted, unpacked and packed all those books, as well as those who got up early on a Saturday morning to move boxes and tables to set up for the sale, served as cashiers or helped clean up.

Thank you to each and every one of you. We could not have done it without you!

Anjli Trehan, President
Friends of the Gleason Public Library

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