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Friday, July 1, 2005


Record turnout for Carlisle road races

Because 2005 is a "Com-memorative" year, the race's 30th and the town's 200th, a special medal was designed by Phyllis Hughes for the occasion and presented to the race participants and volunteers. Reports are that they were admired greatly by those who received one, served as an extra incentive for entering the races, and will continue to do service as "ornaments" in the years to come.

This was a record-setting year as regards participation — 204 runners finished. Sixty-three runners finished the 5-mile race (24 female), and 141 the 1-mile race (58 female). Although the temperature was only about 70, the humidity contributed to the discomfort of many runners. Helping to alleviate the runners' thirst, the generous support of Ferns Market and the Vitamin Water Company came to the rescue, supplying Vitamin Water drinks for all runners and the helpers to distribute them, plus the water for the 5-mile race water stop.

The winner of the 5-mile race was Ronald Langat in a time of 29:36, leading from the start. Ronald, coincidentally, works at Ferns! Following, in second place, was Edward Doreau in a time of 30:51. Joe Carpenito, last year's winner, finished 3rd in 31:14.

Winning the women's division for the eighth time ('96,'98,'99,'01, '02, '03, '04, '05) was course record-holder (31:51) Kim Ratcliffe in a time of 34:23, 11th overall. She and Tim Harte (men's course record-holder, 25:58) now each have 8 wins of this race. Repeating this year as second place finisher in a time of 36:22 was Karen Ringheiser, with Olivia Cooney taking 3rd place in 40:35.

David Tobin, the 2004 winner, repeated in the 1-mile race with a time of 5:14, continuing the rivalry by again besting Roy Bondurant's 5:19, both runners improving their 2004 finish times. Christopher Bojanic followed in 3rd in 5:59.

In the women's race, the top three finished within 1 second of each other, the closest finish for the top 3 spots in 30 years. In 1st place, in a time of 6:38, was Kaitlyn Peterson, inching out by 1 second Kim Ratcliffe, the 5-mile winner. The 3rd place trophy went to Lindsay Cook in 6:40.

Family participation was significant again in both races. There were 26 families with at least 3 members running this year, accounting for 94 of the total 204 (46%). The Mariano family, whose participation dates back to the very first Old Home Day Races in 1976, had 9 members running from 3 generations. The Kleins had 6, the Cooks and Kolstads had 5, followed by: the Drinkwaters, Harrings, and Royces with 4. Those with 3 included the Albertos, Amodeis, Ashleys, Barnetts, Bloomfields, Boor/Russos, Chirbans, Coxes, Elwoods, Engdahl/Meyers, Forellis, Konuks, Petersons, Ratcliffes, Scavongelli/Cottis, Simons, Storrs, Szczesniaks, and Wades.

Lack of space prevents the complete results from appearing here, but view them by going to the Carlisle Mosquito web site —

I want to thank the Carlisle Police for their excellent traffic direction and control, making both races safe for the runners. Also, congratulations to Chief Galvin on his retirement and for finally running his first Carlisle Road Race.

Since the race wouldn't be possible without the following individuals, many of whom have volunteered their time and expertise year after year, sincerest thanks go to: Susan Bondurant, Newell Cantrill, Evelyn Caruso, Phil Conti, Dori Davis, Jean Donnelly, Kay Edelberg, Anne Halvorsen, Ken and Marilyn Harte, Ellen Huber, Alec Hutson, Rand Kmiec (who designed new software for the registration and results), Julie Lavely, Stan and Lynn Lucks, Amanda and Sarah Siedlar, Martha Svatek, and Paula von Kleydorff. Also, special kudos to Sabrina Perry, the race line coordinator, who has volunteered countless hours of her time since the very first race in 1976, streamlining many forms and procedures and organizing the critical start/finish volunteers. Finally, Dave and Florence Reed deserve the respect and congratulations of the entire town for making the "impossible" happen.

If anyone is due a medal but was not at the awards ceremony to accept it, or if you did not receive your commemorative medal, please call Leslie or Ronald Kmiec at 1-978-369-6130.

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