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Friday, June 24, 2005


Carlisle has been discussing the need for affordable housing for two decades, but what makes the conversation different this time is that the 40B threat is now undeniably real: two small 40B developments have been approved by the Board of Appeals. A third one, 56 units off Concord Street, is working its way through the state to the BOA, and has galvanized ...more

Two years ago the ownership changed at the Carlisle Animal Hospital, ending the hospital's long history as a single veterinarian-owned business. Now major changes are occurring again as the hospital hires a new staff and makes plans to renovate the facility. ...more

After three decades in the Carlisle Police Department, the last 26 of them as Chief of Police, David Galvin has notified the Selectmen he plans to retire as of October 1 this year. ...more

At the June 14 meeting of the Historical Commission, Heather Hedden and Deb Belanger of the Bike/Pedestrian Safety Advisory Committee brought maps and details of the proposed East Street pathway. They are meeting with several town boards with interest in the new pathway to gain input and hear concerns before going to the Selectmen with a final plan. The Historical ...more

Bank of America colors. Back for yet another visit with the Commission was Joe Reis of Batten Brothers Sign Company, the organization that produces Bank of America's signs. Previously, the Historical Commission had requested new color samples of the blue background and red lettering on the bank's logo to ensure compatibility with the existing ...more

In last week's issue the Mosquito erred in saying that if a ballfield cannot be placed on Parcel 3 of Plan B, it would be built according to Default Plan A. In fact, Default Plan A has been superceded by Plan B, shown above. Plan B contains its own default option; If the ballfield cannot be placed on Parcel 3, it will be placed on Parcel 1. ...more

Town Hall, 7:00 p.m.

7:00 Town Administrator report ...more

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