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Friday, June 24, 2005


Shorts from the Historical Commission, June 14

Bank of America colors. Back for yet another visit with the Commission was Joe Reis of Batten Brothers Sign Company, the organization that produces Bank of America's signs. Previously, the Historical Commission had requested new color samples of the blue background and red lettering on the bank's logo to ensure compatibility with the existing Coldwell Banker sign at the same location. This time the color samples passed when the Commission approved Evening in Paris Blue and Tomato Red for the sign. Still at issue is the color of the surround, the structure around the ATM machine itself, which is currently red. Reis said that his company had approved changing the color to Champagne Silver, which he later said was "gray." However, no sample was available, ensuring that Reis or a colleague would be back again.

Highland School use. Christy Barbee, chair of the School Building Committee, asked the Historical Commission to join her committee in requesting Community Preservation Act (CPA) funding for a study on preserving Highland School. "The School Building Committee wants it [Highland School] preserved," Barbee assured the Commission, "either as school space or community space." The Highland School study would be funded by the historical preservation provisions of the CPA if the Community Preservation Committee recommends such funding to Town Meeting, most likely next spring. A more formal request for Historical Commission support will come at a later date.

Placement of air conditioning unit. Stepping down from his role as Commission member, David Chaffin presented his application to place two units outside his house on East Street, where they "would be barely visible from the street." He proposed that the condensation pipes be placed inconspicuously along a cornerboard of the house, but the architects on the Commission suggested that he explore the possibility of an interior route. The Commission then approved the location of the outside units and stated a preference for an interior route for the piping.

Personnel. With long-time member Barry Ganek resigning from the Commission, there are currently two vacancies. Larry Sorli is replacing David Chaffin as chair for the coming year.

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