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Friday, June 24, 2005


Historical Commission approves concept of East Street pathway

At the June 14 meeting of the Historical Commission, Heather Hedden and Deb Belanger of the Bike/Pedestrian Safety Advisory Committee brought maps and details of the proposed East Street pathway. They are meeting with several town boards with interest in the new pathway to gain input and hear concerns before going to the Selectmen with a final plan. The Historical Commission is involved because part of the proposed pathway from the intersection of East Street and Bedford Road to Partridge Lane is in the Historic District.

The composition and color of the materials to be used in the pathway sparked spirited discussion, with added criticism by Commission members on the existing Bedford Road pathway. That section of pathway has not worn well and now requires town maintenance, but no funds have been set aside for this purpose.

The Commission was also concerned about the impact of the pathway on existing stone walls within the Historic District. Commission members requested before and after pictures of stone walls to determine the visual impact of the pathways.

After lengthy discussion, the Commission approved the concept of the pathway to Partridge Lane, and approved either one or both sides of East Street as indicated on the map presented. Approval is conditional on: 1) the availability of photos of stone wall areas to be altered; 2) whether the pathway can go behind the stone wall at the northeast corner of 43 East Street; 3) Historical Commission input on any stone-wall alteration; 4) using materials equivalent to or better than what has been used thus far and researching alternative surface composition and color (tan was recommended because it is reminiscent of paths in old-time Carlisle); and 6) the committee providing the Historical Commission with the map approved by the Board of Selectmen.

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