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Friday, June 24, 2005

EVEN THE LIBRARIANS ENJOY STORY HOUR. Here (left to right) Marty Seneta, Angela Reddin and Linda Dodge listen eagerly as Scott McLachlan reads one of his favorite children's books to them. (See summer reading list on page 10.) (Photo by Susan Goodall)
Addressing a challenge that won't go away

Carlisle has been discussing the need for affordable housing for two decades, but what makes the conversation different this time is that the 40B threat is now undeniably real: two small 40B developments have been approved by the Board of Appeals. A third one, 56 units off Concord Street, is working its way through the state to the BOA, and has galvanized ...more

Two years ago the ownership changed at the Carlisle Animal Hospital, ending the hospital's long history as a single veterinarian-owned business. Now major changes are occurring again as the hospital hires a new staff and makes plans to renovate the facility. ...more

30 years in Police Department, 26 as chief
After three decades in the Carlisle Police Department, the last 26 of them as Chief of Police, David Galvin has notified the Selectmen he plans to retire as of October 1 this year. ...more

Expect driving delays

Old Bedford Road in Concord (a portion of which is Route 62) will be closed from Virginia Road to the Bedford town line for sewer modifications. The closure will be weekdays from 7 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Traffic will be detoured through Bedford and Carlisle using Route 225, Skelton Road, and River Road to Monument Street in Concord.

Daily traffic updates can be heard at 1-978-318-3249. For more information see

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