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Friday, June 24, 2005


Carlisle School softball team finishes first

The Carlisle Middle School softball team finished first in the Nashoba Valley League with a record of 9-2.

Overall the team consisted of many strong and competitive players. Our aggressive base running helped us to score many runs against our competition. We were able to get on base with our power hitting. Every game someone hit a double, possibly a triple or even a home run. Everyone on the team dominated in this area. On an average game, we were able to score 16 runs, as our opponents scored an average of eight runs. As for fielding, our quickness shut down our competitions ability to score.

The pitching was performed by three eighth graders — Casey Tarca, Sam Hankey, Emma Lunig; and two seventh graders — Georgia Guttadauro and Caroline Deignan. These five pitchers were focused and ready to lead their team to victory. Pitching plays a key role in every game at this level of competition.

The eighth grade fielders contributed great depth to the team. Casey Tarca took control of third base. Our catcher, Haley George, prevented the opponents from stealing home. Emma Lunig at first base single handed made all three outs in one inning against Lincoln. Our outfielders, Briffany Geoffroy, Sam Hankey and Kate Hitchner shut down the competitions' fly balls, and gave support to our infielders.

The seventh graders, Abby Ostrom, Caroline Deignan, Kenzie Dray, Georgia Guttadauro, Kerrie Bourque, Erica Pernice, Alisha Deary and Katie Mills, played both infield and outfield. With their strong throws and power hits, they contributed to our many victories. We look forward to them returning next year.

The sixth graders, Morgan Evans and Sloane Brazina, contributed to the team with their confident base running and strong hitting and fielding.

Special thanks go to our managers Alex Schurr and Zander Ansara. Thank you for all your help and support.

Every player had a key role in our team's success, both on the field and off the field. It was a wonderful experience for everyone. This team worked hard and pulled together when the competition got tough. Thank you to all the players and fans for a fun and exciting season. Good luck next year!

2005 The Carlisle Mosquito