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Friday, June 24, 2005


Highland School graduates, 1955

Graduates of the Highland School in 1955 are (left to right) front row: Kenneth Berg, Debbie Shields (the seventh grade marshal,) James Foss; middle row: Patricia Diment, Anne Redican, Mary Lou Cann, Ann Wahlen, Andrea Eckel, Ellen McAllister, Carolyn Wooster; back row: Robert Auger, John Redican, Edward Whitman, Dana Booth.

Fifty years ago, on June 9, the Class of 1955 graduated 13 students from Highland School. Dana Booth of River Road sent the photo to the Mosquito, along with memorabilia of the day. Mary Lou (Cann) Koning of Acton Street is the only other graduate currently living in Carlisle.

The class motto was "Semper Fidelis," in the tradition of Highland School graduating classes. The Class of 1955 had an appreciation of Carlisle history, since the program included a dramatization called "Old Houses and Anecdotes." Booth included the script in the materials he sent to the Mosquito. Tales about the Jock House (the oldest house in Carlisle, on South Street) and Blood Houses were told to the class — and 50 years later are still circulating around town.

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