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Friday, June 17, 2005



TRAILS COMMITTEE IS A WINNER. Trails Committee members (left to right) Louise Hara and Verna Gilbert display the River Stewardship Award they won at Riverfest on Saturday. Sharing the honors are (left to right) Mark Lamere, George Fardy, Bert Willard and Steve Tobin. The award recognizes individuals or organizations that demonstrate innovative thinking or efforts that improve or enforce laws to preserve the watershed. (Photo by Ellen Huber)

Biodiversity Days in Carlisle

Lauren and John Bakewell were up early on Saturday morning for a sunrise row down the Concord River looking for birds and wildlife. (Photo by Kay Fairweather)

Naturalist Peter Alden was about to lead a walk from the school parking lot focusing on invasive plants which threaten biodiversity. (Photo by Ellen Huber)

Sixty-six species of lichen were identified during the walk in the Green Cemetery. Hand lenses were used to observe the lichen. (Photo by Kay Fairweather)


A common grackle sitting in her nest on a low-hanging willow branch was sighted on Saturday's early morning canoe trip. (Photo by Kay Fairweather)

HOW DOES YOUR GARDEN GROW? The property of Cindy Craft and Don Monroe was one of those featured by this year's Carlisle Garden Club tour, held last weekend. (Photo by Ellen Huber)


RED BALLOON GRADUATION. It is Commencement Day for the pre-schoolers at the Red Balloon. Thirteen of the 14 alumni will be heading to the Carlisle Kindergarten in the fall. Back row (left to right): Kate Doucette, Jennifer Gladstone, Somil Teabo, Erica Massicott, Josie Kolstad, Alden Harring, Elsa Simonton, Teddy Storrs. Front row: Tori Walsh, Tori Simon, Elizabeth Quinlan, Mimi Jones, Miles Kissinger, Megan Herr, Teachers are Janet Blanco (left) and Jane Brewer (right). (Courtesy photo)

You're never too young to learn how to wash a fire truck

Hannah Beakley (back) and one-year-old Emily Murphy find that fire-truck-washing is the perfect way to spend a hot Saturday morning.

Alex Zinke is determined to see his face in the shiny section he worked on at the Carlisle Parents Connection's Wash-a-Fire-Truck Day last Saturday. (Photos by Ellen Huber)


A FOND FAREWELL. On Tuesday a reception was held for Sherry Ward Batson who is leaving at the end of June, after serving as director of Carlisle Extended Day for 18 years and serving this past year as teacher/director of the Carlisle Early Literacy Preschool. Batson is shown reading to Andrea Brown and Ethan Redmond (back left to right); Mathew Battista, Alex Lim and James Sibley (front left to right.) (Photo by Ellen Huber)



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