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Friday, June 17, 2005


Feasibility group favors two options for CCHS expansion

As the Concord-Carlisle High School Feasibility Study Committee and the architectural firm Symmes, Maini and McKee Associates (SMMA) continue to discuss renovation and addition options for CCHS, two plans seem to be gaining momentum. Both plans have a new auditorium on the front east side and a new gym on the front west side of the building.

Option 2A:
Auditorium first, science last

Option 2A has the new gym and auditorium going up first in Phase I. In Phase II, a new two- to three-story structure for administrative offices, classrooms and possibly a new library will be built on the site of the old auditorium. During Phase III the science building would be renovated and expanded. The problem with this plan is that much-needed science classrooms will not be completed until the end of the project, roughly five years out.

Option 1C:
New classroom building first

The second option that the committee is considering is Option 1C which evolved during the meeting. This option entails demolishing the I-building on the back east side, and putting an addition there, possibly two-story. This would tie the S-building on the east side and the H-building on the south side together in a cohesive, core area of classrooms. This addition would be done in the first phase of construction which would get much needed classrooms quickly. The chorus and the radio station, which reside in the I-building, would have to be moved to another spot during construction.

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