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Friday, June 17, 2005


CCHS receives grants from the Concord Ed Fund

For the 2005-06 school year, the Concord Education Fund has funded many programs at the Concord-Carlisle High School, including:

Projecting the Future of Science at CCHS: Grant Amount: $11,996.

Project Leader: Ray Pavlik (Earth Science; Science Dept. chair), Elisa D'Amore (Earth Science), Matt Goldberg (Biology), Cricket McCaffrey-Clark (Chemistry), Marybeth Clark (Physics).

This grant funds computer and projection equipment that will enable teachers to integrate digital images, animations and other visual assets into their curricula.

Auditorium Equipment Enhancement. Project Leader: Chuck Brown. Grant Amount: $7,395.

Enhancing the sound and media equipment will expand the opportunities to use the auditorium as an educational setting. It will be used by students, faculty, administration, guest lecturers, and members of the performing arts program in the high school and in all schools in the district. Student volunteers will install and calibrate the audio and media equipment funded by this grant, which will dramatically improve the quality of presentation in this facility.

Canoe Project. Grant Amount: $1,000. Project Leaders: Kathy Pendergast, Joseph Hehn, Jason Messina.

The Alternative Program at CCHS serves students who have experienced difficulties in the mainstream setting of the high school. The curriculum is one in which cooperative learning, career awareness and experiential learning are stressed. Participants will build and launch a full-size canoe as part of the program. By working together as a group and accomplishing a tangible result, students will build self-esteem and learn the strategies of forming a functioning group, crucial skills to promote academic success.

Royal Attire for the Sun King. Project Leader: Benjamin Kendall. Grant Amount: $500.

History comes alive when it is placed into context and shown to involve real people in recognizable situations. For the CCHS World Cultures program, teacher Benjamin Kendall transforms himself into the Sun King and presents a highly interactive program to illustrate the king's history and life. This grant supports this imaginative and hugely popular approach by purchasing a costume to facilitate the presentation.

Royalty-Free Music Library for Video Production. Grant Amount: $511. Project Leader: Robin Cicchetti, Willard School Librarian.

As multi-media productions become a greater part of the curriculum, this grant funds a library of royalty-free music, which can be used across the school system for multi-media productions.

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