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Friday, June 17, 2005

Ballantine reflects on Town Meeting

To the Editor:

Every vote clearly still counts. The vote last week while very close was a strong endorsement (67%) by Town Meeting of the recommendations of town committees and the Benfield Task Force.

As a member and chair of the Task Force, I very much appreciate the support by Town Meeting voters. However, a more important process occurred over the past year in our almost weekly Task Force meetings that we as a town should build upon.

The Benfield Task Force is a group of eight strong, informed, hard working citizens who worked very diligently to come up with the best plan given the constraints of the site and the original purchase agreement (26 housing units, one ball field). We gathered and looked at all the information, debated the fine points of hydrology, costs, design, financing, and the environment, and tried to balance the concerns of all the neighbors. Our findings and issues were discussed at three community meetings in the spring and fall.

The process of debating, listening and searching for the best solution was time-consuming and invigorating. At times, we tested our patience, but we remained respectful of each other and the issues surrounding the development of the land. This commitment to debate and openness was obvious to many who attended our meetings. It is the best of Carlisle's volunteerism and town government. It is how we should move forward with 40B developments. Unfortunately, only public developers will be held to these standards.

I take away a strong respect and affection for all who worked on the Task Force and the committees that joined us through Town Meeting. Thank you for your time, your caring and your participation.

And thank you all for your vote and your support.

John Ballantine
Fiske Street

Ed note: John Ballantine is a current member of the Benfield Task Force, and just finished serving on the Carlisle Board of Selectmen.

CCHS Senior Safari was a wonderful night

To the Editor:

The Chairs of the 2005 CCHS Senior Safari and the students of this year's graduating class would like to express their great appreciation to all those who made the Senior Safari a wonderful night for so many. Generous donations made it an event that will be fondly remembered by the Class of 2005 for years to come.

Thanks to the Concord-Carlisle Booster Club, and to Crosby's Market for their support. Energy and enthusiasm was going strong late into the night thanks to the great pizza donated by Dino's, New London, Rossini's and Sorrento's. And it is not hard to imagine just how welcome the donations from both the Dunkin' Donuts on Thoreau Street and in West Concord on Main Street were in the wee hours. Many, many thanks to all these businesses who continue to contribute to our students and the schools. You are very special to us.

Senior Safari Committee
Barbara Lewis, Communications Chair

Volunteers needed for CSA House Tour

To the Editor:

The CSA House Tour Committee is busy planning for our annual House Tour which will be held on Thursday, October 20. We are still seeking volunteers and House Managers for the day. Please contact Cathy Poirier at 1-978-371-9139 if you would like to help out or recommend a home for consideration.

This year the committee will also be selling advertising space in the house tour booklet. Businesses will have the option to purchase full- half- and quarter-page ads, families are invited to sponsor a quote about home, living in Carlisle, or submit a child's drawing of home. If your business or family would like to buy an ad to support the school, please contact Sharyl Stropkay at 1-978-369-9641.

This annual event is sponsored by the Carlisle School Association with all proceeds to benefit the Carlisle Public Schools.

Cathy Poirier, Virginia Farme Road
Sharyl Stropkay, Rockland Road
CSA House Tour Committee

Welcome to Carlisle, Dr. Sargent

To the Editor:

I would like to share what an absolutely wonderful and positive experience I had at the new (and improved!) Carlisle Animal Hospital on Thursday, June 9. I happen to believe that vet care is a team effort; a relationship between the owner, the vet and any specialists needed for the healthcare of the animal. It is clear to me that Dr. Melissa Sargent is warm, caring, knowledgeable, open-minded, aware of current events in the veterinary world and most important — respectful of my interests and concerns. Her own concern for the welfare of all animals is clear. For the first time in years, I felt happy at a vet office and enjoyed a visit to have one of my pets examined. I would personally like to welcome the new staff managing Carlisle Animal Hospital, especially Dr. Sargent, and encourage anyone in the area to try them out. I am not affiliated with the staff in any way. I am just one of the more opinionated and concerned dog owners in the town and think perhaps my very positive experience might help others feel more confident in the recent changes. Dr. Sargent, I'm thrilled you've come to town.

Judy Asarkof
River Road

Join the Farmers Market on Old Home Day

To the Editor:

We would like to invite all enthusiastic farmers, bakers and "candlestick makers" to join us at Old Home Day. The Carlisle Farmers Market is seeking those with a surplus of farm-stand items (early fruits, berries, vegetables, seedlings, perennials, honey, crafts, etc.). All are encouraged to participate in this inaugural event featuring locally-grown produce and goods. Please bring your own tables, chairs and cash boxes.

For questions or to register for a space, call Gale Constable, 1-978-372-1925 or Annette Lee, 1-978-369-0599.

Gale Constable
Lowell Road

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