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Friday, June 17, 2005


"What's your idea of a perfect Father's Day?"

The hard-working fathers at the transfer station on the steamy day last Saturday were looking forward to taking a day off on Father's Day. Perhaps the weather had something to do with it, but many, like Art Levine of Litchfield Drive and Rich Puffer of Rutland Street, were looking forward to going to the beach. Peter Traynor, also of Rutland, just wanted to spend the day with family. Don Lunny of Craigie Circle hoped to have a quiet day, the fewer people the better, and said jokingly, "Leave me alone! Just let me be." The Carlisle fathers interviewed seemed to be as busy and over-scheduled as some of their kids. Even when told that money, time, and distance would not be a factor, they still chose the simplest day as the best day.

"Having my family cook dinner for me!"

John Ojemann
, Log Hill Road
"Spend it with your family — your sons or daughters — and do what you like to do. I'm going to try to get my sons together and play golf."
George Woodland, Concord Street

"The less, the better! Sitting around doing not much of anything is my idea of a perfect Father's Day because I do so much the rest of the time. So I'll just stay home and take it easy!"
Paul Anagnostopoulos, Rutland Street

"Going outside and playing with my kids."

Andy Veitch, Pheasant Hill Lane
"Hanging out with kids and going on some hike or canoe trip."
George Scarlett, Partridge Lane
"Playing golf with my son."

Ed Lewis
, Curve Street
"We're going to the Red Sox game this year, so that's a nice thing to do this year."
John Hutchinson, Pheasant Hill Lane
"It would be nice to see all the children."

David Keast, Westford Street (four children)
"I would get something that uses batteries."

Lin Xu
, Wolf Rock Road
"A day when I can do anything I want: maybe play tennis...go for a ride in my car...have dinner when I want it, and have what I want for dinner."
Jim Marchant, Russell Street

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