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Friday, June 10, 2005


The graduating class waited impatiently in the crowded CCHS lower gym Saturday afternoon, straightening caps, remarking on other students' choice of shoes, and reflecting on time spent together over the last four years. When the call came to form the rehearsed lines, there were a few minutes of chaos until everyone settled into the routine. We filed out of ...more

Emeline Parker Taylor was an accomplished woman. Born in Carlisle in 1812, she was a schoolteacher, a farm wife, mother of four sons, a poet, gardener, avid church-goer, caretaker of three orphaned grandchildren — and a diarist. She poured her thoughts, fears, joys, expectations and disappointments into her diary, while describing quotidian life in Carlisle ...more

Name: The scientific name of the gray tree frog is a bit tricky. There is the greater gray, Hyla versicolor, and the lesser gray, Hyla chrysoscelis. They are identical in their external characteristics and are differentiated from one another in the lab by microscopic analysis of blood cells and by chromosome counts. The lesser gray is ...more

[The Great Depression did not affect Carlisle as quickly as some other regions, but was clearly felt by 1933.] ...more


High Honors

Callahan, Owen ...more

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