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Friday, June 10, 2005


Shorts from the CSC, June 1

• Committee Positions. David Dockterman was elected as chair for the 2005-06 Carlisle School Committee (CSC). Michael Fitzgerald and Nicole Burkel will serve on the Concord-Carlisle Regional School Committee.

• Teacher assignments. Most teachers will be returning to teach the same grade level, according to a preliminary teacher assignment list. Fourth-grade teacher Susan Fitzgerald will move to Special Education. The biggest change is the new sixth-grade teaching model of two teams of three teachers each. The teachers are: Christine Denaro, math and social studies teacher; William Gale, math and social studies, Erin McAuley, language arts and social studies; Carolyn Platt, language arts and social studies; Wendy Stack, science and social studies; and Alan Ticotsky, science and social studies.

• CSA/CSF auction helps teachers. Carlisle School Superintendent Marie Doyle thanked the Carlisle School Association for raising $15,500 which will fund over sixty teacher-requested items on the Auction "Wishing Tree, " including books, thermometers, art supplies, circuit kits, maps, math games, dictionaries, storage units, phonics materials, protractors, inkjet printers, and staplers.

• Civility versus respect. The school held a "Civility Day" at which various activities sponsoring civility were enjoyed, reported Doyle. Committee member Christy Barbee suggested changing the name to "Respect Day," saying the word civility doesn't speak strong enough to the need for respect in the school. After discussing the state of respect in the Carlisle School the committee agreed to put the issue on a future agenda.

• Technology update. "If it wasn't for CSA and CEF (Carlisle Education Foundation), we probably wouldn't be on the chart," said Carlisle School Business Manager Steve Moore as he and technology specialist Cyd McCann presented an overview of the technology progress in the Carlisle School. Using a State of Massachusetts "STaR Chart" (School Technology and Readiness), Moore and McCann illustrated the school's growth in technology. While there are areas in need of growth, Moore praised the advancements that have taken place. "It's incredible how far we've come in such a short amount of time," said Dockterman.

• Student/computer ranking. The state issued "Technology in Massachusetts 2004," a report comparing computer to student ratio to other districts throughout the state. In 2004 Carlisle School's ranking was 289 out of 353 (lower the number, better the ranking) for student ratio to type A and B computers (which "have at minimum Apple G3 or Pentium 3 with 128 MB RAM"). This represented an improvement, as the school was ranked 349 in 2001. "Despite where we currently stand on the list the technology team believes that the total number of computers in the school is adequate for the instructional model we have adopted," Moore and McCann explained in their report.

Similar schools and their rankings: Dover 45; Weston 58; Sudbury 93; Wellesley 94; and Concord 105.

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