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Friday, June 10, 2005

New Selectman John Williams thanks supporters

To the Editor:

I wish to thank the voters of Carlisle for the opportunity to be of service at this important time. The experience over the last months has been informative and most rewarding. I will exert my best efforts to do the hard work needed, reach out to all involved in the decisions we face together, and to have but one agenda: Carlisle's overall good.

I also wish to thank Alan Carpenito and his many supporters. I trust all agree that the opinions of approximately one half of those who voted merits further understanding and respect. Alan was serious about his concerns, treated me with kindness and respect and maintained a sense of humor throughout his campaign.

We are positioned to move forward together and have much to do. It is my hope that we will first concentrate on our areas of fundamental agreement as we look to the common good of Carlisle together.

John Williams
Hart Farm Road

Article 97 land protection explained

To the Editor:

In "ConsCom looks at Affordable Housing plan" (Carlisle Mosquito, June 3), the discussion of the removal of conservation land from the protection of Article 97 of the Massachusetts Constitution was incomplete. Since four of the five town-owned parcels mentioned in the article are protected under Article 97 (Greenough Land, Cranberry Bog, Town Forest, and almost certainly the Gage Woodland), I think it is important to understand Article 97.

The procedural steps to dispose of Article 97-protected lands are:
• Unanimous vote of the Conservation Commission;
• Two-thirds vote of Town Meeting;
• Two-thirds vote of both houses of the Legislature.
Underlying this procedure are the requirements that:
• All options to avoid this disposition have been explored and there are no alternatives (monetary considerations notwithstanding);
• No unique or significant resource is destroyed or threatened;
• The disposed parcel is replaced by land of equal or greater resource value and equal or greater fair market value;
• The disposition is not contrary to the express wishes of the donor or seller of the parcel;
• If state (and federal) funding was involved in the purchase of the parcel, all requirements of Self-Help (and the Land and Water Conservation Fund) are complied with.
Beyond these legal requirements, a few of the questions that should be asked before attempting to dispose of any Article 97 land are:
• Is a precedent being set so that for any public purpose — affordable housing, school expansion, playing fields, etc. — the Town takes what seems to be the least expensive path, gradually destroying the open space that has made Carlisle such an attractive oasis in a desert of development?
• Does the disposal of parts of large parcels and their replacement elsewhere result in fragmentation and loss of the sense of wilderness that only large protected parcels can provide?
• Is the land in question already developed, such as the Greenough barn area and the Cranberry Bog house? If so, I believe a valid case might be made for converting such structures to affordable housing.

Kenneth J. Harte
Estabrook Road

Ed note: Ken Harte is an a member of the Conservation Restriction Advisory Committee. Girl Scouts seek new leaders

Girl Scouts Seek new leaders

GIRL SCOUT LEADERS RECEIVE MANY THANKS. Linda Kuramoto (left), Michelle Sobin and Andi Gettys will be stepping down after many hours of service to the organization.

To the Editor:

The Concord-Carlisle Girl Scout Service Unit thanks the Carlisle Coordinators, Michelle Sobin and Linda Kuramoto, as well as our Registrar, Andi Gettys, for their support as they retire from their positions. They have done a wonderful job supporting the Concord-Carlisle Service Unit over the years. These women have put in many hours of their time to help run a worthwhile organization, the leaders as well as the girls applaud their dedication.

The Carlisle side of the Concord-Carlisle Service Unit is seeking new people to fill these slots. We are looking for someone who wants a rewarding experience by volunteering their time to a worthwhile cause, the girls in Girl Scouting. In addition to helping the girls, you will meet a lot of wonderful adults who give their time and dedication to see that the girls grow to be the best that they can be by having fun and rewarding experiences in all the events they participate in (Town-wide Encampment, Socials, etc.)

The Co-coordinator positions are open now. These two positions are responsible for facilitating communication between troops, leaders and Council, and in general keeping the Girl Scout program going in Carlisle. If you are interested in this role (you can do this job with a friend), please contact Linda Kuramoto (978-369-5137) or Michelle Sobin (978-369-1603).

The Carlisle Registrar position will be open in the Fall of 2005. This job involves registering girls and adults in the Spring and Fall and maybe a couple of times throughout the year. If you are interested in finding out more details about this position, please contact Andi Gettys (978-369-2392).

Carlisle Girl Scouts is part of the Patriots' Trail Girl Scout Council. This program exists to meet the unique needs of girls and to help them grow into caring and confident young women. Girl Scout programs are contemporary and designed to deepen awareness of self and others, to build self-esteem and self-reliance, and to increase young girls' abilities to succeed in the world and make a positive impact on the community.

Linda Fabrizio
Carlisle Girl Scout Media Coordinator
Patch Meadow Lane

CCHS graduation donors thanked

To the Editor:

The CCHS Class of 2005 was treated to a beautiful day for their graduation ceremony. Many heartfelt thanks to all who contributed their time, service and products to the graduation reception for this year's seniors. Without all of you, the reception would not have been possible.

The reception committee would especially like to thank the following local merchants who generously donated flowers, food, juice, water, decorations and a variety of other items: Idylwilde Farm, Donelan's Supermarket, Verrill Farms, Roche Brothers Market, Stop & Shop - Acton, Mahoney's, Winston Flowers, Marshall Farms, Welch Foods, Concord Provisions, The Toy Shop of Concord, Dino's Pizzeria, West Concord 5 & 10, and the Colonial Inn.

You all helped make the reception special for our new graduates and their guests, made the reception affordable for the junior class to host, and made our job much simpler. Thank you.

Mary Ann Gorman, Chair, Graduation Reception Committee
Indian Pipe Lane, Concord

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