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Friday, June 10, 2005

Carlisle graduates of 2005

*Abend, Stephanie — Tufts University
*Andrews, Melissa — Haverford College
*Berajawala, Mark — University of Richmond
Bodnar, Steven — Babson College
Brewer, John — Rhode Island School of Design
*Brown, Katherine — Boston College
Bruce, Megan — Middlesex Community College (Bedford)
Carpenito, John — Rochester Institute of Technology
Carpenter, Brett — Franklin Pierce College
Chapman, James — Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
*Chateauneuf, Amy — Johnson & Wales University
*Cheever, Elizabeth — Brown University
Chehames, Steven — Roger Williams University
Chuang, Wade - University of Massachusetts at Lowell
Clark, Laura — St. Anselm College
Coscia, Gregory — Bryant College
*Crowther, Molly — Olin College
*Daniels, Christopher — Columbia University
Davis, Cheryl — Undecided
*DeBruzzi, Fred Sean — United States Air Force Academy
*Decatur, Albert — Clark University
Decatur, Stephen — Syracuse University/U.S. Army
Doyle, Hugh - Stonehill College
*Duffy, Marlow — University of Vermont
*Fantasia, Jennifer — The American University
*Fidler, Jason — University of Vermont
Ford, Katrina - Undecided
*Ford Webb, Theodore P. — Endicott College
*Gentile, Matthew — Colgate University
Gordon, Christina - Undecided
Grean, Rachel — University of Richmond
Halvorsen, Laura — Hamilton College
*Hart, Alexander — Colgate University
Hassey, Mark — Fairfield University
*Holland, Caitlin - University of Puget Sound
Holzman, Benjamin — University of British Columbia
Hutson, Michael — Stanford University
Jellison, Eva Brown — Stanford University
*Johnson, Michael — Massachusetts Institute of Technology
*Kapadia, Cherag — Undecided
*Khayami, Parissa - Bowdoin College
Kilfoyle, John — Northeastern University
King, John - Lynn University
Kirk, William — Roger Williams University
Koehlert, Nicole — University of Denver
*Konkle-Boss, Christine — UMass Amherst
Lakness, Mark — Rochester Institute of Technology
Lamb, William - Fairfield University
Lewin, Maxwell - Rochester Institute of Technology
*Lieb, Bryan - University of Massachusetts at Amherst
*Lyons, Christine - Northeastern University
Manoukian, Carolyn - Wentworth Institute of Technology
Marks, Aaron - Carnegie Mellon University
*Martini, Andrew - Boston College
*Mathew, Hannah - McGill University
McKinnon, Nicole - Undecided
Morgan, Robert - University of Massachusetts at Amherst
Mostello, Elise - Stonehill College
*O'Keefe, Samantha - Massachusetts Institute of Technology
*O'Kelly, Jacqueline - University of Rochester
Offenheiser, Patrick - Goucher College
*Pan, Jeffrey - Georgetown University
Pauler, Annie - Coe College
Peters, Rebecca - Mount Ida College
Phillippo, Matthew - Brandeis University
Piantedosi, Adam - Fairfield University
Prete, Victoria - Fashion Inst. of Tech (NY)
Probolus, Alison - Endicott College
*Ramanathan, Ravi - Brown University
Reed, Nicole - Cornell University
Robbins, Alexandra - Parsons School of Design
*Sadan, Shir - New York University
Saul, Corinne - Washington College
Savage, Daniel - Providence College
Scarlett, William - College of Wooster
*Shaver, Christine - Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Tang, Stephen - University of Massachusetts at Amherst
Tarca, Kevin - Fairfield University
Vicharelli, Steven - Rochester Institute of Technology
Vienneau, Olivia - Franklin & Marshall College
Wallhagen, Carol Ann - Roger Williams University
Williams, Sorelle - University of Virginia
*Yu, Brian - Dartmouth College
*Zuk, Jennifer - Case Western Reserve University

* denotes National Honor Society member

Carlisle students on CCHS third quarter honor roll

Awards at CCHS graduation

The John F. Donovan Memorial Flag Award is presented to the best all-around young woman and young man in the graduation class who possess the qualities of dependability, leadership, service, and patriotism to an outstanding degree. The award is presented in memory of the former Concord High School and Concord-Carlisle High School Principal, John F. Donovan. Each student receives an American Flag which has flown over the high school during this academic year.

The recipients for 2005 are Sean DeBruzzi and Bonnie MacEachern.
Faculty Gold Medals are presented each year to students with the highest academic averages. The recipients for 2005 are Michael Hutson, Eva Smith and Karin Knudsen.

Concord Academy graduates

Emily Ho of Judy Farm Road and Tudor Foote of Judy Farm Road graduated from Concord Academy in Concord on Friday, May 27. Hendrik Hertzberg, a senior editor and writer for The New Yorker, addressed the 88 members of the Class of 2005 at the school's eighty-fifth commencement.

Ho plans to work at Hydra Biosciences in Cambridge before attending MIT.
Foote heads to Washington University in St. Louis in the fall.

Emily Fiorentino of Aaron Way, a January graduate of Beacon High School in Brookline, will enter the Nursing Program at Simmons College in the fall.

The Eatons of Carlisle take part in their 40th WGBH Auction

Bob Eaton is ready to auction off a character from the children's show Arthur. (Photo by Stefanie Koperniak)

Bob Eaton of Westford Street hasn't been spending much time in Carlisle this week. Starting this past Sunday, Eaton has been down at the WGBH-TV studios on Western Avenue in Boston, volunteering for their fund-raising auction. This year is the station's 40th annual auction week, and it's Eaton's fortieth year as a volunteer. Bob's wife Dona and his daughters Laura Libby and Lianne Eaton take part as well. It is a real family affair.

"I started watching Channel 2 many years ago when they televised college sports.... Bud Collins was on TV with tennis from Wimbledon back then," said Eaton. "My younger brother watched Mr. Rogers. Then when we had kids, they watched Mr. Rogers too, and Sesame Street. That first year of the auction, when they were asking for volunteers, I called up and volunteered." Eaton has taken part in the auction every year since 1966.

In the beginning, Eaton was involved with the merchandise at a table of small items. Over the years, he became captain of Table E (E for enormous) with a shift on the air. Eventually, he became chairman of Table E and then its producer with on-air time throughout the week.

"I start late in April as producer of Table E with warehouse merchandise contributed by listeners and various businesses. I don't get involved until the donations are at the studio. Then I have to find a place to store them, which means moving them around three or four times before we go on air," continued Eaton. "Once Emily Rooney tapes her last show for the week on Friday, the auction group moves into her studio." On air Sunday through Saturday, Eaton describes each of the items and conducts the bidding.

Dona Eaton has been involved with the auction for about 30 years. "She works with the trouble shooters," said Bob. "She handles the trouble-shooter line when things go wrong. They are known as the 'Saints' who try to make people happy. My daughters, who grew up with the auctions and came in on Sundays as kids, are also still involved.

"We are an auction family. We put in ridiculous hours, going in at 10 a.m. and coming home at 1:30 a.m.," admitted Eaton. "We do it for seven days in a row, but we don't mind it for we are with people who are fun to be with, people who are dedicated to a cause. There are 4,000 volunteers. We interact with them at other times throughout the year."

After living in Carlisle for the past 14 years, the Eatons will be moving to New Hampshire at the end of the month, to a house they have built near their daughter Laura. As a member of the Carlisle Trails Committee, Bob has told others on the committee that he will be coming down whenever he is needed. And the WGBH auction? "That is one commitment we won't give up on."

Watch for Eaton and his daughters on Channels 2 and 44 this Friday and Saturday, any time from one in the afternoon until early the following morning.

• The Concord-Carlisle Community Chest held their third annual Bike, Run, Paddle Fundraising Triathalon on June 5 and Carlisle was well represented. The overall winning team for a second year in a row was The Mosquitoes, made up of bikers - Louis Salemy and Eric Brandhorst; runners - Jeff Blue and John Forelli and paddlers - Vaughn Harring and Sandy Zinke. Winning the women's division was the Ms. Squitoes made up of bikers - Heidi Harring and Lili Winslow; runners — Laurie Eckler and Kim Ratcliffe and paddlers - Nicole Bloomfield and Marty Blue. The event raised $17,000 for the Community Chest which helps fund many local charitable activities.


Portions of the Memorial Day speech given by Second Lieutenant. Daniel Newman were taken from the National Guard template for Memorial Day. Certain quotation marks and a closing attribution were inadvertently omitted.

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