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Friday, June 3, 2005


Only 651 voters decided the two contested races and five financial questions on Tuesday's ballot. Perhaps those who did not drive past the "Vote - May 31" sign at the rotary did not remember that the day after Memorial Day was election day in Carlisle. ...more

This year's Annual Town Meeting on May 23 was a model of efficiency and organization with 25 Warrant Articles moved and approved in only two-and-a-half hours with little discussion. Most folks were home in time to watch the 11:00 news. However, attendees voted to extend the Town Meeting to June 8 in order to address one last issue — the affordable housing ...more

Election Results


John Ballantine of the Benfield Task Force says archaeologists have indicated evidence of Native American habitation found at the Benfield site is "not surprising, not very significant, and there's not a lot of it." He believes "There's not sufficient evidence to support counting this as a registered historical site." However, it will be ...more

"Compromise" was the keyword in the U.S. Senate last week. Closer to home, compromise with the town is the goal for Native Americans determined to protect a portion of the Benfield Land sacred to their ancient tradition. The Benfield development plans, which will be presented at Town Meeting June 8, encompass the site of "sacred regional ancestral ...more

At the May 26 Conservation Commission meeting, Louise Hara of the Affordable Housing Plan Task Force sounded out the commissioners on their initial reaction to a draft Affordable Housing Plan that could well impact land under their jurisdiction. ...more

Carlisle has developed affordable housing plans in the past, but the Affordable Housing Plan Task Force that has been working with a consultant since late March has a stricter mandate: to produce a credible plan that will be approved by the state as a blueprint for action. The plan must also be acceptable to those in town government who will be responsible ...more

The Carlisle Restorative Justice Circle is approaching its third year, and it is making a difference. The Circle has overseen three cases involving nine youths and their families to date, and it receives high marks by all who have experienced it firsthand. Circle participants have expressed gratitude for the transforming experience, for the countless hours ...more

Acton and Bedford

The Beacon, May 26 ...more

7:30 P.M. Town Hall

7:30 Minutes ...more

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