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Friday, June 3, 2005


Good morning, Ladies and Gentlemen. I would like to thank you for allowing me the opportunity to stand before you on this Memorial Day — the most solemn of National Holidays. This is a great honor for me, not only to be back here in Carlisle, but also because it allows me to walk in the footsteps of one of my heroes, if just for a little while. We all ...more

This is the second in a two-part series about a study tour to China taken by four Carlisle School teachers. In the first article the teachers wrote about their home stays with Chinese families. In this article they will share their experiences teaching in two Chinese schools: a rural school in Pangliu village outside of Xian and a school for the children ...more

There is a new kind of Silent Spring at work in our environment. The agents of it are more insidious than DDT. They are not toxic chemicals. They are attractive and seductive but just like DDT, they have widespread and long-term repercussions that outweigh by far their initial allure. They are the aggressive non-native plants that diminish our biodiversity ...more

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