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Friday, May 27, 2005


Police, Carlisle School investigate school bus incident

A twelve-year-old male Carlisle Middle School student allegedly threatened another student with a pocketknife last Friday morning, May 20, while riding the school bus, according to a press release issued Monday by the Carlisle Police Department. No injuries were reported.

The Carlisle Police press release, in full, reads as follows: "On Friday, May 20th, Carlisle Public School officials advised the Police Department of an alleged assault that occurred earlier that day. A preliminary investigation by the police department indicated that a 12-year-old Carlisle student en-route to school via a school bus, allegedly threatened another student with a pocketknife. No injuries were reported. The police department is pursuing a complaint with the Framingham Juvenile Court. A hearing will be scheduled sometime in June."

Although the incident occurred on the morning ride to school on Friday, police were not notified until 4 p.m. Friday afternoon (see Police Blotter) and school personnel were not available until Monday morning for police follow-up. Police conducted their own investigation over the weekend, according to a preliminary report released by Carlisle Police Lieutenant Sullivan, and identified the student involved. The charge will be threatening with a weapon, a violation of state law.

School sends letter to parents

School Superintendent Marie Doyle sent a letter home to parents on Tuesday which briefly described the incident: "A student had two pocketknives with him that he took out to show other students. When asked to put the knives away by another student, he did so. To their credit, several students informed the school administration about the incident. Follow-up action has been taken. We take the safety of children very seriously..." The letter continues, "On Tuesday, sixth-grade students were read the following statement: 'There was an incident on the middle school bus Friday morning involving one of your classmates that was frightening to some of the students. The adults in the school are making sure that everybody is safe and is okay. Remember that it's important to protect the privacy of the people involved by not spreading rumors.'"

When asked about the different characterization of the incident in the police press release and the letter to parents, Doyle commented that police language is always harsher. She declined to say whether the student was attending classes and riding the school bus, or what disciplinary action the school has taken. "That is personal information," said Doyle. "He is a fine young man who made a mistake [in bringing his knife on the bus]." She continued, "Middle School children make mistakes in judgment; it is part of their developmental phase. We must be careful that we don't overreact and make things bigger than they are."

Channel 7 seeks TV inteview

A Channel 7 news crew attempted to speak with a school official on Tuesday night outside the Town Meeting, according to Carlisle resident Ellen Huber who questioned the news crew.

School personnel had already left the meeting, and a brief interview with Lieutenant Sullivan was filmed. It was not aired "because we were not able to get anything on it [the story]," a Channel 7 staffer said of the story on Tuesday. The incident was reported on at least one early morning Boston newscast, but it is not known how either Channel 7 or the Boston radio station learned about the incident.

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