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Friday, May 27, 2005


CCHS gets first estimates for renovation, expansion

The Concord-Carlisle High School Feasibility Study Committee has received preliminary numbers from the architectural firm SMMA for renovating and expanding CCHS facilities, including renovation only, a renovation plus addition, and building a new school.

The renovation only option has long been deemed a baseline for the other two quotes. A renovation only would bring the current CCHS building up to code, but it would not address the space needs of the burgeoning student body. This estimate, which is in 2005 dollars, is in the low $40 million range. Committee member Ken Hoffman said, "This would be the minimum thing to do but it doesn't satisfy our educational goals."

The committee is contemplating several renovation and addition plans. Each includes a new three-court gymnasium with an elevated track, a new auditorium, more classrooms and new administrative offices. All address the need to renovate the science classrooms and the library. "This is a 50-year renovation," said committee member Jerry Wedge. All these plans are in the $74 to $80 million range, and would bring the school up to code plus address the educational and space needs that have been documented.

Two quotes for new construction, one on the playing fields and one on the plateau behind the present CCHS buildings are in the mid-$80 million range. A new building would have a smaller footprint, be more energy efficient, and would address all the school's educational goals.

Joel Seeley of SMMA reiterated, "These are very preliminary [estimates]." No specific renovation or expansion plan has been chosen. Also, all these figures are in 2005 dollars. Construction costs are increasing monthly, he cautioned, and it will be some time before any construction can begin.

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