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Friday, May 20, 2005


Carlisle School Business manager Steven Moore and School Building Committee Chair Christy Barbee surprised the small group attending last Monday's Finance Committee hearing with the news that the third lowest bidder on the school wastewater project had filed a protest with the Commonwealth Attorney General over the two lower bidders on the project. ...more

The Carlisle School is overcrowded now without adding any new students and it operates with a shortage of class space, says Superintendent Marie Doyle, who will request funds for a Master Plan at Town Meeting Monday night. The study will allow the school system to look into its immediate and long-term space needs and create a plan that could include modular ...more

The Board of Selectmen got its first peek at the long-awaited Affordable Housing Plan on Tuesday. David Freedman of the Planning Board and Affordable Housing Plan Task Force began his presentation at the May 17 meeting by quoting an article from the Mosquito entitled "Carlisle to face affordable housing decisions." The article stated that Carlisle ...more

With the archaeology study still in progress, The Benfield Task Force has asked that the Annual Town Meeting, which starts next Monday night, be continued to June 8 to allow additional time to prepare their formal recommendation and request for design funds. Given the complexity of the Benfield project and the lengthy Town Meeting agenda, an additional Town ...more

The Finance Committee met on Monday night to answer questions and discuss any last-minute changes to the budget it will present at next week's Town Meeting. The most interesting request came from Steven Moore, Carlisle School Business Manager, and Christie Barbee, the Chair of the Building Committee, concerning a protest filed by one of the bidders to the ...more

The Finance Committee is recommending approval of this article, which encompasses the operating budget for the town. The Finance Committee, working with the various town departments, has prepared a budget that is "balanced" (that is, expenses are balanced by receipts) and accounts for a 3% increase in the cost of salaries and wages and 1.5% increase ...more

The School Building Committee is asking for approval of $1,326,716 to construct the school wastewater treatment system to be built on the Banta-Davis Land. Voters at a Special Town Meeting previously approved $1,279,000 for the project in the fall of 2003. ...more

Article 8: Capital Equipment

The Long Term Capital Requirements Committee, with approval of the Board of Selectmen, is recommending $155,498 in capital items to be funded within the no-override budget. They include a routine purchase of fire department protective clothing for $3,000 and a police cruiser for $30,000. This article would also fund replacement of 20% of the computers (40) ...more

This spring, at the Annual Town Meeting, the town will be asked to consider changing from the current semi-annual tax billing system to a quarterly tax billing system. ...more

Town Warrant Article 25 deals with the expansion of the Board of Appeals. The board has been concerned that there are a limited number of members, and increasing demands on the board due to 40B applications, and other major issues, such as building a cell tower. The Selectman are proposing to increase the board from its present three members and two associate ...more

Roughly 40 more students than expected have requested schedules for the fall term at Concord-Carlisle High School. CCHS Principal Art Dulong told the Regional School Committee (RSC) on May 10 that he would like to see two-and-a-half FTEs (full time equivalent teachers) hired to handle the extra students, but money for extra teachers is not in the budget. Larger ...more

Board of Selectmen
Town Moderator
Housing Authority
Library Trustee
Planning Board
School Committee
Board of Assessors
Board of Health

Town Hall, 7:30 p.m.

7:30-8:00 Minutes approvals ...more

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