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Friday, May 20, 2005


Town Meeting Articles 8, 9, 11:
Capital Equipment

Article 8: Capital Equipment

The Long Term Capital Requirements Committee, with approval of the Board of Selectmen, is recommending $155,498 in capital items to be funded within the no-override budget. They include a routine purchase of fire department protective clothing for $3,000 and a police cruiser for $30,000. This article would also fund replacement of 20% of the computers (40) at the Carlisle Public School (CPS) for $36,000 and provide a technology upgrade costing $25,000 to allow full use of the school's network connection capability and improve software and networking at the school library. The CPS also would receive $36,171 to be added to an NStar grant to upgrade lighting so as to save $8,029 per year in electric costs. Eleven computers to replace obsolete units at the Gleason Library would be funded. A hazardous collapsed culvert on the Old Morse Trail near Hart Farm would be repaired for $10,000.

A "Yes" vote approves all funding. A "no" vote defeats all funding and leaves a budget surplus.

Article 9: Capital Exclusion - Police/Fire

Two items totaling $52,500 are recommended for capital exclusion votes to be funded through taxes outside the balanced budget. Three police mobile data terminals totaling $42,500 and a vehicle exhaust system for the Fire Department will cost the town $10,000, with a grant funding another $60,000. The mobile terminals allow police to fill out reports and access crime and motor vehicle information from police cars. Currently, Carlisle's is the only police department in the NEMLEC area without this capability. The vehicle exhaust system would reduce health hazards due to exhaust buildup in the fire station while vehicles are running.

A "yes" vote approves both expenses contingent on the passage of ballot Question 3 at Town Elections, which would approve the additional tax assessment of $52,500. A "no" vote would defeat funding for both and make Question 3 moot.

Article 11: Capital Exclusion - DPW

Article 11 proposes funding through additional taxes (capital exclusion) a DPW backhoe for $78,000. The backhoe would replace one in service since 1986 used to dig graves, load road sand, and move items at the transfer station.

A "yes" vote approves funding contingent on the passage of ballot Question 5 at town elections, which would approve the additional tax assessment of $78,000. A "no" vote would defeat funding and make Question 5 moot.

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