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Friday, May 13, 2005


Future of Hanscom air base to be revealed on Monday

The list of federal base closings is scheduled to be announced on Monday, May 16, and residents of the four communities that abut Hanscom Field are waiting anxiously to see if Hanscom Air Force base will survive. Residents of these communities, Bedford, Lincoln, Lexington and Concord, represented by the Hanscom Area Towns (HATS) group, fear that the impact of Hanscom closing will be devastating. For example, Lincoln could lose 600 units of housing and 8-10 million income; the impact on school systems will be marked.

Hanscom has dual function

Hanscom Field houses an Air Force base and a commercial airport. While the losses, in terms of housing and school population concern surrounding towns, it is the expansion of the existing commercial field that is of most concern to area residents.

HATS received a grant under the Base Realignment and Closure act to "study the full array of impacts and opportunities" attending a possible Hanscom Air Force base closing.

What is uncertain is which redevelopment authority will administer what is expected to be an explosive development of Hanscom's commercial operations and what, if any, role local communities and groups will have in the process. (See also Regional Headlines.)

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